It’s not very often I get chance to take a little time to myself.

Now don’t go all boohoo on me. It’s my own fault. I am one of those people who if they aren’t doing something feels guilty so will search for work to be done. If I am not whipping up cakes or brewing up pots of tea I am sat here typing away listening to O-Town and editing my blog.

So there you have it. I have excuse after excuse to keep myself motivated and constantly ‘doing something’ as I am told which results in never taking that little time out for myself.

Last week, it was time.

After hundreds of pots been washed a day, copious slices of cakes being plated up, Tea Lady life really does take it’s toll on your body. You would think we are a team of salsa dancers the way we move our hips between tables at rush hour.

I needed a good rub and had been dreaming about it all day. Not a half arsed little back tickle that the other half cracks out. No, I needed something good! I needed something that was really going to get rid of those knots and The Tranquility Room had the answer.

Independent Holistic Therapy owner Emma Cook has been massaging people into stupor heaven for just under 8 weeks. Boy, is she good.

You know I love a good old independent business and this is most definitely one you need to check out if you are local.

My massage was not your average “pop yourself face down, a little rub here and a little rub there routine” Emma tailors each treatment just for you.

Taught by Kush Kumar an Indian Head Massage God ( he has even wrote a book on it). You can really tell the difference in the way she performs her treatments and works on those areas that really need working on. She even got them elbows involved. This girl really means business.

I was really knotty on my shoulders, as I don’t really sit right at the computer like I should. Also being bent over a sink washing up all day can really get your muscles in a twist.

She knew exactly where I needed the most work and structured my session to just that, getting my blood flowing again around my upper back area.

This room is just the sweetest and she designed it all herself. Big fist pump girl! You did good!

 I shall be booking in again real soon let me tell you, so please don’t be taking up all her appointments. This Tea Lady really needs it.

There is some real exciting ideas being tried and tested this month so make sure you follow The Tranquility Room on all their social medias channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date.

Oh, and if Emma isn’t such a babe already The Tranquility Room is offering you 20% off all treatments when you quote The Tea Bee when making an appointment. Don’t worry, your welcome, just buy me cake.

Hope you are all having a relaxing day, I could just jump back on that bed x



    • December 1, 2015 / 11:32 pm

      Awwwwww we love her soooo much and she is just amazing!! I felt sooo relaxed for days after… Can't wait to book in again 🙂 x x x

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