Still got a few bottles of stout kicking around after St Patrick’s Day? Don’t fear, a recipe is here to help get rid of it in the shape of the most delicious cake you ever did taste.

This is my take on a Guinness Cake made with the creamiest and brand spanking new Tontine’s Milk Stout by Cameron’s Brewery.

What you will need.

1 x brownie tin

1 x large saucepan

250ml Tontine Milk Stout

250 grams butter

75 grams cocoa powder

400 grams caster sugar

140ml sour cream

2 x large eggs

1 x tablespoon vanilla extract

275 grams plain flower

2 1/2 x teaspoons bicarbonate of soda

For that dreamy cream cheese frosting you will need.

300 grams cream cheese

150 grams icing sugar

125ml double cream

Ready for this?

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

As that is warming up, line a brownie tin with some greaseproof paper to save you faffing on later.

In a large saucepan pour in the Tontine Milk Stout (Available from Head of Steam Norton), add the butter and melt over a low heat.

Whisk up the cocoa and sugar and pour it in.

In a separate bowl pop in the sour cream, egg and vanilla and give that a good old beating.

Pour this into your pan of that beer concoction.

Once this is done it should look like a big murky mess like this.

Don’t worry, you are nearly there.

Stir in the Sugar.

Whisk in the flour and bicarb.

Get that tin ready!

Whack straight into the oven for 40 minutes.

Now to get the frosting ready. It’s really doesn’t take long, so bonus.

 Pop the cream cheese into a bowl and whip up real good. Add in the icing sugar, sieved, so you have zero lumps.

Beat, beat, beat that up.

Pour in the cream and whip it altogether into one big cream cheese party.

Let is cool.

Dollop right on top and you are done.

After a few trial goes at making, and eating every last crumb of this, I found it best to use a brownie tin. It helps bake this cake to an evenly cooked delight.

It is so rich and tastes divine. My favourite cake I have made to date by far. Chop into thin slices and serve up with a pot of Irish Breakfast tea.

Don’t forget to tag us in your creations so I can take a peek at your cakes. @theoldeyoungteahouse // A huge thank you to Tea Lady Jess for helping with this creation. Make sure you go give her a follow on Instagram @jelliott

Love Carli x

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