I am going to hit you up with the first truth of this post in my opening sentence, because why the devil not. Second sentence, don’t hold it against me but would you believe I have just spent the past 15 minutes editing my boob out of some of these pictures. If it wasn’t awkward enough that when these images were being taken it most definitely looked like something out of a *cough* adult film. It wasn’t until a quick look over the final draft that I noticed a little nip slip. Not OK Carli, not OK!

Thank the lord my pie and peas took a little longer than anticipated for a last minute glance over this post. In, the, nick, of, blooming, time.

Cue panic edit and re publish. 

Moving swiftly on. This was originally going to be part of my Happy 2017 post which you can have  snoop at, but it would have meant for a real girthy post. I decided to split it up and now I can focus on letting you all in on a few truthful goals that I really want to try and hit this year.

So without further ado…

Cook a heck of a lot more – I have so many recipe books that need some tender love and care. I got two brand new ones for Christmas, The Part-Time Vegetarian and World’s Best Street Food and boy am I excited to get back in the cooking game. I find cooking extremely therapeutic. I think it is all that chopping, concentrating, boiling, simmering and oh let’s not forget the washing up that really does it for me.

Stop feeling guilty – I feel guilty all the time. If I am not working on what I need to do next with the tea house. If I am not re writing menus, handbooks, washing tea towels, social media-ing the schizz outta life, I give myself such a hard time. I feel guilty if I sit and watch a programme, netflix or a film if I am at home. I need to stop this as I am being way to hard on myself. 

Start replacing ‘I’m sorry’ with ‘Thank you’ – Holy macaroni this is about to get deep. Hold onto your seats tea bees. I apologise for a lot for things I do honestly believe I need to be apologise for. It wasn’t until someone who is an utter babe messaged me saying ‘ You always apologise a lot when you don’t need to’ and she sent me this.

‘Lately I’ve been replacing my “I’m sorry’s” with “Thank you’s”. Instead of saying “Sorry I’m late” I’ll say “Thanks for waiting for me”. Instead of me apologising of being a mess, thank them for caring for you and for them being by your side. It has not only shifted the way I think about myself but has also improved my relationship with others who now get to receive my gratitude instead of my negativity’.

It got me thinking and this has taken a few weeks to get my head around and start putting it into place but I have already started to feel better and can’t wait to keep this going throughout 2017.

Up my blog game – I have had the chance to work with some flipping amazing brands, companies and independent businesses in 2016 and I really want to shine and push my blog further this year. I want to reach a couple of milestones on social media and get them yummy cakes out there reaching the masses. I want to hit 250,000 page views along with winning the lottery so, yeah, this girl has goals!

Be selfish – I need to be selfish. If I want to eat Nutella from the jar and class that as a healthy tea then I can. I was also told by said life coach up above, props Megan, props lass, that I need to do things that I want to do and not to do things that I don’t. This sounds pretty straight forward and you must be thinking, why would I do something I don’t want to. Well, I do. I think of other peoples feelings so, so much which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes I need to look after myself first. This year is the year of being a little selfish and doing what I really want to do and what makes me feel good.

Go on a long haul flight – I hate flying but I have been going all ga ga looking at some once in lifetime destinations I would really like to visit. I want to get my pale ass on a plane and for it to take me somewhere far, far away and really live the adventure. I hit the big 30 this year and really fancy booking up somewhere a little exotic for the back end of the year. Any takers? I will bring brownies!

Get those zeds in – When I was at college and uni all I did was want to sleep. Now I have entered the big bad world of adulthood I find it so hard to switch off and zone out and put my head down on that pillow. I have experienced something that hasn’t come as a surprise to me recently but something that I don’t really know too much about which I may touch on some other day but it makes sense as to why my energy levels can be instantly zapped in certain situations.

I have been told to take a good 15 minutes in the morning and evening to rest and recharge my batteries with no devices or anything around me that can distract me. I have been taking it quite seriously and I do think it has done me the world of good along with some guilt free sleeping in’s.

Sleeping is super important to me as it is to everyone else because we need to to function and a good 8/9 hours is utter perfection for me. At the end of last year I was sent the most comfy mattress by Eve  as a sweet little moving in present and I can honestly say it is one of the best things that has happened to me in the past 5 months. It is like sleeping on a #clique cloud.

With the release of Eve’s ‘The Duvet‘ at the end of the year, which is next on my investment list, they also offer sheets, protectors and my new love, their pillows. ‘The Pillow*” offers benefits for circulation and muscle alignments which I am in desperate need of right now as being on your feet most of the day can do bad, bad things to your circulation. With a pillow as soft and foamy as ‘The Mattress‘ I am most definitely onto a 2017 winner. 

I have started to work on these goals already this January and with a start as you mean to go motto I am all over putting 100% into making these work and ticking them off my life list.

Hope you are all having a great week and it’s filled full of tea and cake. I can feel myself getting my mojo back and it is ever so refreshing.

Peace out Tea Bees.

Love Carli x

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  1. January 21, 2017 / 10:14 am

    Thats it. Start how you mean to go on. Go girl go. X

  2. January 23, 2017 / 9:37 pm

    Oh my gosh a nip slip!! That deffo didn't show up on camera – ha!

    So glad you're getting back into your cooking because you are so dang good at it, and if I wasn't as feckin' fussy I'd be straight round for tea most nights. You are the utter babe, you say sorry far too much when you don't need to but it's only because you don't want to overload – but you always can. If I was a life coach I should take a leaf out of my own bloody book hahah!

    We are in desperate need of a girly sleepover so I can rest my little head on one of these Eve pillows and mould my large arse into your mattress HA.

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. March 4, 2017 / 1:21 pm


    The nip slip paragraph made me howl!

    I'm definitely going to take onboard your 'saying thank you instead of sorry' , I apologise for EVERYthing, William gets so mad at me. 2017 is the year of no apologies!

    And also definitely stop feeling guilty! You run your own freaking business! That's crazy impressive and you definitely need downtime!

    Big love,

    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp

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