It is crazy how one minute you can be sticking you hands down the toilet and scrubbing the living daylights out of them and the next you can be rubbing shoulders and making tea and cake plans with the some of the Boro Squad. Out of my comfort zone, just slightly.

15 minutes ago I was Marigolded up to the eyeballs and elbow deep in bleach and cleaning toilets. The glam life of a business owner right? It’s not all network breakfasts and after work cocktails. Oh no. Far from it. At least that’s the way I like it to work. Why would I pass on a job that I wouldn’t do myself right? Respect is key! Get me on my hands and knees.

I am so excited for this football season to start and for me to squeeze my butt into my plastic red seat for the next 9 months and buckle up for what I sense will be a real good ride. Anything to do with football has got me all excited and our group message has been none stop. This made for an interesting read over on The Taxi Centre which brings me onto a little story I have for you all.

As the Cattle & Cane tour disappeared into a distant memory. A sad, where has my new band family gone kind of memory, it was time to settle back into real life. I am totally not ready for this yet so travel plans have already began to commence to get me out of the tour blues.

Tour finished with an ultimate bang. Like beyond our wildest dream. Surreal is the word that sums it up.

Our last tour date was a Saturday in Cardiff and it was a mad dash back. You know the mere 5 hours to get back to Teesside from the Welsh country. It was a quick turn around to smash out a nap, dust my dungarees off and head up to Rockliffe Hall for one of the best nights of my life.

We set up as usual, hid Cattle & Cane around a corner out of sight and cracked out an amazing show. 

We are all HUGE Boro fans so trying to contain our ultimate and inner geeks at the bar was extremely difficult but we somehow managed to pretend this was normal. I mean hanging out with George Friend everyday Sunday eve is just standard right?

It was so much fun chatting to Leo Petrovich, Middlesbrough’s goalkeeper coach, totally love heart eyeing over Katie Gibson’s New Look dress and confirming that Stewart Downing really does look dapper in suit.

The night was drawing to an end and I don’t think anyone really wanted to go, the night was young. A taxi cab was hailed and in we all piled in.

The tunes were pumping in this private cab of a taxi, the seats were comfy as hell and apparently we heading for a nightcap.

This was not your average taxi ride was it really? I mean it’s not the £2.60 trip up Linthorpe Road on a Saturday Night. This was a taxi ride I would never forget. And with a squad of ultimate babes too. I never in a million years thought I would be doing this when sipping on a Bovril mid December freezing my butt off in the North Stand.

As we reached our destination my eyes were not deceiving me when I saw someone carrying a good 12 pizzas down the steps for us all to have a midnight snack of London’s and Garlic Sauce.

An after party isn’t an after party without a little sing song by the fire is it?! So Fran took up the challenge and it was tops off by the camp fire before we called it a night. 

Was it worth it. Course it blooming was. Even if that taxi was a million pounds it would have been worth is. Sharing such amazing times with some of my most favourite people in the world is priceless. Oh and yes, the hangover. That was worth it too.

Love Carli x

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* This is a sponsored post but a night I thought I would share with you. I still smell of that darned fire too I swear.

// Photos by Lottie Thorpe-Smith \


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