As of recent I am having to make real adult life choices on something that I do not want to do.

This post was originally going to be a room tour but it just didn’t seem to fit right because of what the near future holds, so a room tour has been put on the back burner. Cue new blog post with a few tweaks here and there and we are back on track.

I know we all go through life doing things that we don’t want to, but this is a big fat smack in the face which is a story for another day.

I have not been in the right frame of mind to blog recently as blogging content is created when I am in my happy place. Feeling a little crappy does not really help when you want creativity to flow. That was until I read this post ‘ 5 Ways I’m Starting Anew After A Big Change‘ by the beautiful Jordan from Hello Miss Jordan. This gave me the right amount of get up and go to just focus on myself and try get my head in a different frame of mind, if only for an afternoon or two.

I am by no means anywhere where I need to be on that front but I do try to make the best out of a bad situation and could not do this without my amazing family and friends around me.

So my friends, instead of this being a room tour I have decided this needs to be about making a house a home and what is important to me. I hope this helps any of you that feel in a similar place. Life really can be a blooming rotter sometimes.

This post is a perfect excuse to show you my latest DIY too that will easily help make a house a home.

I love nothing more than being ever so proud of whipping up a set of shelves, table or curtains for that matter. In this case I needed a coffee table, or tea table more commonly known in the Tea Bee world. I get real satisfaction from making something from scratch myself without it falling apart, a little trip to B&Q here and a cheeky little order on Ebay there and I was ready to go.

What you will need :

3 x 5ft scaffold boards

3 x pieces of wood cut into 1.5ft pieces

4 x 200mm industrial castor wheels 

18 x 3.5x40mm screws

8 x 5-32mm washers

8 x 6x40mm screws

Grab yourself a drill too my friends.

Lay out your 3 scaffold boards wrong side up and equally position the 3 pieces of wood on top. I popped one in the middle and laid the others halfway between the edge of the scaffold boards and the middle piece. These will join your boards together as the basis of your table. You can measure the gaps or just do a little guess work like me.

Drill 6 holes through the smaller pieces of wood, this will secure the scaffold boards together and form the basis of your table.

Screw in the 3.5x40mm screws in two rows of three until they are nice and flush. Repeat this on all three boards.

Now, grab one of your castor wheels and place it where you want it to go.

I like mine 1 inch away from the sides of my table edges.

Drill in a few holes where the castor’s will be  and try not to wobble them around.

Grab your washers and place these over the castor holes and screw in the 6x40mm screw until they are nice and flush.

Repeat this on the other three wheels and you will nearly have a complete table to wow your friends over with.

Turn over your DIY and you are good to go.

My top tips for Making a House a Home :

Candles – I know it is super cliche but candles instantly make me feel better . A few dotted around the place makes me slow down, unwind and have a real calming effect on me. After a busy day down at Tea House HQ I love to get home and just switch off for half an hour with my feet up, a cuppa, and put on some delish scented candles and catch up with a few of my favourite blogs.

Murphy – My life would not be complete without my little pug dog. He really does make everything better. No matter how I feel he will always make me smile.  I like to take him for a little walk and watch the wind blow through his flappy ears and then to come home and have him curl up next to me enjoying my company as much as I enjoy his. Having Murphy is the best part of making a house a home in my opinion, he is the best.

A comfy bed – What better way to make you feel all warm inside, especially as the cold, wet nights are creeping in, is than a big old comfy bed? Brand new bedding, comfy ass pillows and a cute little throw? I love getting into bed with Muglet by my side, watching a few episodes of something on Netflix and nodding off in the comfiest bed in the land. Waking up after a good nights sleep is key to starting off the next day with a bang. New surroundings can freak me out a little and can be ever so daunting. I tend to get night terrors when I stay somewhere new for the first few nights so this is really important to me.

My own space – This is something that I am going to have to get used to. I have always been a lover of my own time as I can concentrate and get stuff done but I don’t know how I feel knowing I have a hell of a lot of more of it in the coming months. I feel like I do need it, but everyone can get a little lonely sometimes. I just need to learn how to manage my time properly and keep my mind busy. Having my own space has always been important to me, as I find myself popping out for a lunch date on my own just to gather my thoughts now and again which refreshes me. Having your own space is important but hanging out with friends and family is too, so find a healthy balance. I love to potter around and do a bit of ironing, eat biscuits, go for a dog walk and drink copious amounts of tea without being disturbed. See I told you it was important!

I have fallen in love with the Tom Dixon range for Mayfair Home Furniture and my love of copper is slowly draining my bank balance. I know the whole band wagon and me always seem a million miles away but that’s just how I roll.

Teamed with a huge bunch of flowers and this stunning Tom Dixon Pylon Candelabra* this makes the perfect centre piece for a candle lit night full of Gilmore Girls and getting my absolute cosy on.

Inspired by bridges and electricity pylons, I instantly felt a connection to this piece resembling my town where I am from. A sweet industrial piece of home ware that I can use time and time again is a first and will most certainly not be the last.

What do you think of my DIY?

Love Carli x

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