So last week was my birthday and I had a blooming great time.

Not only did I have a week full of treats from my nearest and dearest. I got to go and eat my whole body weight in ice cream down on a breezy Redcar sea front because that’s just how I roll. I even hopped on a plane with Tea Lady Pennie to celebrate our birthday week and make some pretty special memories.

More on Rome next week…

I wanted to share some of my beautiful gifts I got from my family and friends. This is a little sneak peek into my loves and a couple of guilty pleasures too. Cue my love for Mark Ruffalo and Blue WKD’s Blues. I know such a classy bird.

My day started off pretty sweet with my bestie and chief bridesmaid taking me out for a good old bacon sandwich and pot of tea in my hometown of Saltburn. She lives up in Glasgow these days and we do not get to see each other as often as we wish but we always happen to gravitate our love of bacon and seaside walks in the rain towards each other for special occasions even though she does live in a different country.

I love flowers and I was not disappointed by the amount of stems I got. Check out this colourful lot. Orange Roses from Rachel. Daffodils from Nanna Marge, Tulips off Aunt Jaq and hefty bunch from the other half.

My Tea Ladies outdid themselves and proved that they are the most thoughtful females to ever grace this planet.

Peanut Butter  & Jelly Cupcakes with Mark Ruffalo’s face on from Tea Lady Jess. Camera charm for my new Pandora bracelet from Tea Lady Charles. Vanilla & Coconut (my ultimate favourite scent) from Tea Lady Steph and a “Hiya Celine” chocolate bar from Tea Lady Pennie. This brings me back to 2004 when I thought it was acceptable to write a letter to Celine Dion asking for Leonardo DiCaprio’s number. You know right after Titanic was released and there was definitely a chance of 10 year old me marrying the man of my dreams. How embarrassing! 

Tea Lady Megan got me the sweetest playsuit, a very swanky card holder for my business cards from Whistles and of course a couple of my favourite can’s of Blue WKD.

Tea Lady Hannah’s gift added to my collection of Cath Kidston in the shape of a floral mug, bath bomb and a delightful Elderflower candle.

Chocolates, prosecco, wine and Pastel de Nata’s have filled up my living room table and I ain’t complaining.

Now it is time to settle down into my Cathy K pyjamas and dressing gown from the boy. Pop on another episode of Ex on the Beach and try to put the thought of turning the big three, oh, next year to the back of my mind.

Peace out tea lovers.

Love Carli x

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