Then before I knew it I was 30. Dirty, flirty and ready to venture on with the next chapter of my life. Reading back over last years birthday post this made for quite an interesting reflection, with so much change and new adventures to look forward to. It is pretty obvious I love a good candle. Sleep and sleep themed things rank quite high on my birthday present agenda too. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love sleep?! 

I was spoilt rotten last month with Kinder Surprise’s, striped clothing and and shed loads of real thoughtful gifts.

I could go on and on about what a whirlwind of a year being 29 was for me, but I sort of don’t want to bore you with that. 

I do want to talk about what I intend to do with my year of the big three oh. I want adventure. I want to do things for myself and try and get my tea lady life back on track. I am an inpatient person and this doesn’t help with focussing and blind sides me a little? I don’t think I will ever know what I want to do ‘when I grow up’ 

Deep, I know. But ever so true. Just you wait for the next instalment of The Truth Is. Wowza. Hold onto you seats, stuff is about to get real with that one. It is on the level of words and thoughts being shoved in to a washing machines and spat out into another universe. I am a little scared to re read over it to see what bat shit crazy stuff I have been tapping out the past few weeks but I guess it is all relevant in some sort of way, maybe, just maybe.

Back to my birthday ey?. I am one lucky mare to be surrounded by the best friends you could really ever wish for. 

I was absolutely blown away by all my treats from my nearest and dearest. I spent my birthday week (it’s a thing) being by treated by Rockliffe Hall in their amazing Spa Garden. I was then taken out for the tastiest Chinese food by my bae Megan and soaked up Stockton like a right pair of lasses. Gisborough Hall invited my to stay over and relax the weekend away and my homie Jessica took me to  Whitby. A tradition is a tradition. We missed the last train resulting in a life supply of Take a Break magazines, boiled sweets and a hour and a half bus journey through the butt end of nowhere to get back home.

But what did you get, I hear you screaming from your lungs. Like I am that interesting, ha! I was pretty stoked with my array of gifts so lets get down to business.

A huge bouquet delivered right to my door kick started the weekend from Rach up in Glasgow. Followed by a flurry of candles, notebooks, bath bombs from my favourite of fave Tea Ladies in the land. A Fuji Intax camera from Megs to start recording some flirty thirty memories. The sweetest Pandora Charm from Tea Lady Charley along with far too many gifts for me to handle. I was sent the cutest Owl Charm* from the babes at The Jewel Hut. Is it because I am now old? Old and wise? It is a beautiful charm to add to my collection I must admit.

I have been wanting to read a heck of a lot more this year as social media is clogging up my mind more than it should. When I got send this as a lovely little birthday present in the form of some actual pages with text on them I was over the moon. The newest release from Cecelia Ahern is really quite the treat. And, yup, that’s the queen that wrote P.S I Love You. So this was a super good gift that will make me take a little time out to have a bath, look after myself and start putting me first.

Perfect is the sequel to the best selling Young Adult book Flawed that made it’s debut last year. 

It is about embracing your flaws, which hey, this girl got a heck of a lotta them. You read about embracing your flaws to then become perfect. I do not believe in perfection on any sort of level apart from the babe that is Patrick Bamford but you get where I’m going right? 

I have not read the first book but I will most definitely be getting hold of that now I am nearly finished this book. I won’t be spoiling it for you guys as I ain’t that type of bear but Celestine North lived in a society that deemed perfection to only be branded flawed by a morality court and that’s where this book starts to get interesting. I think we can all relate to how society depicts perfection and we are our own worst enemy. This is why I like to snuggle down with a book on an evening instead of scrolling my life away and comparing myself to others, which I do, more than I would like to admit. 

Would I like to be Perfect or Flawed? I can tell you from the get go I am most definitely not perfect in anyway shape or form. I mean I have nice eyelashes but I have a heck of a lot of flaws so I think my that story tells itself doesn’t it. 

I even took the Perfectly Flawed Morality Quiz and you know what I got? 60% Flawed. I told you I’m doomed. Leave me in the bin!

I love a good thriller book and this is right up my street. My week can start as it means to to go on eating Burritos, a bubble bath, a life supply of chocolates thanks to my girls babes and this fantastic read by #CeceliaAhern.

What are your Spring reads? I need to add to my collection.

Love Carli x

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* This is a sponsored post but the love of taking a little bit of me time and not being able to put this book down is 100% genuine. #ad


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  1. October 16, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    You are really very lucky to have such a loving friends.By the way I love your gifts,each and every item is worth dying for.

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