I took it upon myself this year to build my jewellery collection, filling it with some staple pieces. The kind of pieces that get compliments on and this is by far one of my very favourites.

As a jewellery novice I thought I would see exactly what Fiyah is about, according to the good old trusty urban dictionary this is what I got.

Fiyah – A slang word for fire – Damn, that bitch is on fiyah!

I must say this next one is one of my faves.

Fiyah – A variation of the word fire. (Really?!) A slang description of anything that is hot or ‘dope’ – Dem boyz be spittin straights fiyah on the mic.

The next description is just wow!! Get ready for it.

Fiyah – Wen a female look 2 damn good – ey u know dat gurl Carli? Yea she iz FIYAH!!!

So when I actually go to explain to you who Fiyah is and why I love it so, it pretty much is all of the above in some shape or form. I sure feel like I am that bitch and I am on Fiyah. Especially when I wrap them fingers round the mic and spittin straight Fiyah on it. Truth be told this ring make dis female look 2 damn good.

Fiyah believes in creating positive energy. Embodying strength, confidence and power while expressing individuality and creativity. High fives to that.

This delightful Adjustable Plume Ring* (£22) is cast in sterling silver and coated in pure silver giving it a good old shine. It is adjustable so I did not have to worry about it fitting over my boney knuckles which is always a bonus.

The compliments I have had on this are crazy fine, with it being the envy of all the tea ladies.

Go on girls find your Fiyah and go take a peek at what they have to offer.

Love Carli x

**This is a sponsored post but my love of Fiyah is real and I just can’t wait to get myself a few more pieces. All views and opinions are my very own.

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