No Pie Fri is thing.

Me and my mate Henry have made this legit. You have to stick by it. One strike and you are out.

Oh, and Happy Valentines you lovely lot!

What is No Pie Fri I hear you ask! Does it mean you ain’t getting pie for tea? Heck no! If you want pie people you eat pie. You grab a Fray Bentos off that top shelf in Heron and you eat it straight from the oven until you burn off all your tastebuds. No Pie Fri is not about withholding pies from you guys, far from. It is about not pieing off Friday plans.

The plan : Pizza, beers and belly laughs. Location : Barbarossa Pizza Kitchen

We were greeted with a nose full of wow. So many pizza smells and shown to our seats by the most accommodating staff, yup that’s you Amy babes! I opted for a Lucky Buddha Beer because it was the weekend after all and my dinner date not date opted for a Spiced Rum and Ginger Beer.

I can be bit of a stickler at cancelling plans, I must admit. Sorry to all that have felt my crappiness of late. I have been so much better this year, sort of, in ways. I have been more of a sofa, biscuits, tea and pancakes sort of girl these past few weekends but it was time to make a plan. A No Pie Fri plan and blooming stick to it. It’s far to easy to hibernate in this dreadful weather.

I have felt my friends wrath of cancelling a No Pie Fri and I never want to feel like that again. Absolute naughty step. No one likes to be pied, custard pied or left hanging out like a cold, cold Corned Beef pie do they? So you can’t pie on a Fri if it’s agreed it’s a No Pie Fri. 

I have not taken part in this, let’s abbreviate, NPF at all this year since my Boro mate ventured off to be all clever and ace a Master’s in Bonny Scotland. So I decided to take it upon myself to introduce NPF to someone else. Someone who can pass on this wonderful tradition on to their friends maybe and make this world a better pizza eating place.

Boy, do I love Pizza. It is one of the things I have missed since having braces on. All I want to do is bite, bite, bite. Bite into a slice of pizza without stuff getting caught, dripping from my face and tangled in my braces. I decided to turn a blind eye to what could happen for this dinner date and I can tell you I got things caught, I definitely dripped things down my face and there was a fair few green bits tangled in and around my braces before I left. Darn Spinach.

A quick scan over the menu and we were ready to roll. I had been screen grabbing and sending pizza porn all day so I was pretty much set on the #14 Rose Veal Salami & Wild Mushroom that had been Instgrammed that morning. A side portion of Sweet Potato Fries and some Pesto Dip. Yummy!

For my fellow diner it was straight in with the #12 Chicken & Mixed Pepper, no messing around. A few extra Onions because why not and some Chilli Oil to really kick start the weekend.

Barbarossa is one of the newest independent businesses that have opened up on Bedford Street and the brainchild of my friend Scott Pawson. He has mastered the sourdough pizza base and delighted his customers with some artisan toppings of meats such as Beech Smoked Pancetta, Wild Boar & my favourite Veal Salami.

With all the dough made by hand which takes 72 hours to prepare. Each pizza is freshly rolled out for every single order. This place has got it all going on.

Friday nights are Blues Nights down at Barbarossa and yup, they do they get busy, You want to get yourselves booked up early to avoid disappointment. 

We headed over to the bar to finish off our drinks and watch how all the pizzas are made from the open kitchen. There is something that makes me all warm inside (which isn’t the rum) about watching your food being cooked right in front of you. When you can actually see inside a working kitchen and watch how the dough is rolled, the toppings are put on and then in with the pizza and onto the wood chips. Out it comes onto a platter and straight to the table.

As the night drew in it was time to move on and let someone else take our seats and enjoy an evening as much as we did.

This was not my first visit to Barbarossa. And it will most certainly not be the last.

Now get on the old texts and get planning a No Pie Fri. Now I have welcomed it back into my life this year I will be making sure I am the best darned No Pie Friend in the land.

Love Carli

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* I was a lucky pizza eating guest of Barbarossa Pizza Kitchen of this post but all opinions and drips of pizza on my chin are my very own.



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