Sometimes you just need a little bit of ‘me’ time. Now, I can not preach this to any of you as I rarely give myself even half an hour to just relax and get stuck into a book or catch up on my latest series on Netflix because I just feel so guilty. I have touched on this before in my The Truth Is blog post and I am working on giving myself a little chill time to rest my racing mind.

I am trying to make more of an effort to give myself that little bit of time once or twice a week. Pop on a face mask, have a good old soak in the bath and and try and just chill.

I thought I would get together my little pamper essentials and show you what I like to help me relax after a busy day down at Tea House HQ.

So let’s prop up that iPad in the sink and jump in the tub and get on with it.

Nothing sets the scene more than a couple of candles, tub side, to help me relax. I am a massive lover of candles as they just make me feel really calm. I am a huge fan of coconut so this one from Primark does the trick. Their candles last for so long and the scents give Yankee Candle a run for their money at a fraction of the price.

My love for coconut is just insane. I even choose my sun tan cream by the yummy scent if I go away because I just love to smell like coconuts. It is just so tropical. These amazing bath & shower gels from Treacle Moon are out of this world. They leave you feeling all soft and the scents are truly scrumptious with scents such as Cookies & Cream, Lemonade Days and Cocoa Heaven.

Why not download the Treacle Moon app and make your very own bath time treat. You can choose the name of your creation, write your own story, choose your own colours, pick your own graphic and bob’s your uncle you have your very own personalised bath time treat. Don’t forget to hashtag #treaclemoonME for a chance of winning £100 to spend on more of their treats.

Once I am all settled in my tub I like to pop on a face mask and give my mug a little bit of love and attention. At the moment my skin is not so great as I have been eating hardly anything at all due to recently becoming a brace face and living on biscuits and mashed potato for a week or two. These face masks from Ooh – Arr are super hydrating and come in plenty of options. Rosie Glow, Dead Sea Cooler and Star Glows are some of my favourites.

Choosing a bath bomb is pretty much one of the hardest things right? I have used bath oils in the past and I just can’t get away with them. I don’t like to feel all oily when I get out the bath as it makes me feel a little ergh and sticky. A quick trip to Lush to pick out the perfect bomb is essential. The Experimenter was recommended to me by Gianni from The G Edit and it is my go to time and time again.

I like to pop on an episode of my latest Netflix love until my mask sets and life’s a goodun’. At the moment I am reeling it back to 1998 and watching Charmed from the very start. I know teenage Carli was the coolest. House of Cards is getting a good old binge watch too alongside Pretty Little Liars and Blindspot on Sky Demand.

Once I take my mask off I like to read a chapter or two of a book which I have been most probably been trying to get through for a good year, as this girl don’t have time to sit and read. It really is a shame as I used to get through a book or two per week when I lived in London due to the daily commute and well, having no friends. Poor old me. Now I am back up North and loving life, running my little shop and writing my blog, reading has taken a backseat. I have been getting back to basic with reading After the Crash by Michel Bussi. A book with real pages, that you have to turn using your very own hands instead of swiping is a real comfort of mine.

By the time my bath routine is done I am pretty much a wrinkly prune sat in a cold bath with my dog peering over the tub and wanting to jump in. Getting out the bath for me is the worst as I get super cold and and just want to dive into bed. Seriously, when I was younger I used to hate it that much that my mum had to bribe me with treacle sandwiches and a chocolate teacake. Oh, those were the days.

What are your favourite bath time essentials and what bath bomb should I try next?

Love Carli x

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  1. April 10, 2016 / 2:13 pm

    Oh my I love the smell of coconut and there's a scent in cookies and cream? I need to search it in my local store asap! Anyway, great that you have your own pamper time and I do think that a little bit of me time is great. Nice post 🙂

    • April 10, 2016 / 7:51 pm

      It is just delightful Marsya! They sell in Tesco and online too. Maybe you should create your own for an amazing treat to yourself. Yes, I find it hard to sometimes it's just what you need. Thank you for reading and thank you for the comment x x

  2. March 29, 2017 / 10:45 am

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