I LOVE Kingly Court!

When I was a Londoner for all of 10 months a few years back, I could not stay away from this place.

I am a total home girl and miss the sea, the hills and for some unknown reason to man, Middlesbrough.

I felt time was passing me by so fast in the big smoke and that along with having zero money 95% of the time, commuting nearly 2 hours each day and being called a Geordie I basically had enough and couldn’t hack it any longer.

I am not ashamed. I am not one of those people who turned their back on smoggy old Boro only to come home with my tail between my legs having slagged it of the rafters (I am proud to be a Teessider) I held my head high and couldn’t wait to be back in parmo land.

Kingly Court really was my home away from home when I was down there. Back then it was a lot more retail shops which was pretty cool but now it is a hive of foody joints, Independents and my favourite cocktail places. It is great for me to park by butt, watch the world go by and get a few cocktails down my neck.

First up is The Rum Kitchen

I have popped in here before and thought it only fair to treat my girls to some of my favourite cocktail haunts.

We grabbed a few stools by the window to watch over the captital, overlooking the buzz of a Friday evening unravelling before us.

More about the Rum Kitchen! Well it specialises in well, rum. It is a Caribbean Beach Shack and that food looks to die for. I need to most definately eat here next time I am in London Town.

I love this pop up street food kind of vibe that is going on all over right now. It is perfect for me to nibble on something here and there and most importantly soak up some cultural cocktails.

I went for a Caipirinha made with Cachaca. Delish.

Next up is Cahoots.

A very easily missable underground 1940’s themed cocktail bunker.

You do need to book here as it gets heaving but we descended on the place as soon as it opened.

This place is UNREAL. The attention to detail is just out of this world and everyone is in a 1940’s character role.

We were greeted at the door and had to mutter the password. The gentleman telephoned down to see if there was room for us as we hadn’t booked. We made our way down into the underground station and into the ticket office where you can pass your coats to the ticket master and he will look after them of you.

It looks like an old abandoned tube station with sandbags, luggage rails and even a train carriage that we got to sit in.

We had a little flick through the menu which is all laid out like a real newspaper to see what tickled our fancy.

I opted for a Vera Lynn which was gin, ginger wine, lime, apple juice, elderflower cordial and pear puree. Yummy!

We sat and chatted over our delightful drinks then made tracks to find somewhere to fill our tummies for the evening.

I really don’t think I can even do this place justice in a few pictures and my ramblings on but I have tried my best. It gives you a little taster of one of my favourite places to visit in London and hope it leaves you wanting more. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

You can find The Rum Kitchen and Cahoots in Kingly Court, Kingly Street, London, W1B 5PW



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