When I think about the word Caravan it just reminds me of piling my Mum’s little Red Micra sky high and driving down Scarborough way to the Blue Dolphin for a week of absolute Haven fun with my Mam, Nan and Aunt Hilda. 

I blooming loved heading off to the middle of nowhere and camping out in a little caravan. Cutting out and saving up tokens from The Sun newspaper so that we could have the holiday of lifetime. Which it was by the way!! Who needs Barbados when you have Bridlington right round the corner?

Well, this Caravan is a world way from those Dino Bikes I used to whizz around the campsite on. It is a million miles away from mini me flaying myself down some crazy slides and singing along to some Abba tribute band in the concert hall.

Let me introduce you to Caravan Kings Cross.

I had seen this place a while back on the interwebs and saved it to my pinterest board and oh boy, it didn’t let me down.

Caravan is a little 5 minutes walk from the train station so the perfect stop off before or after a journey.  They really are landscaping the Kings Cross area at the moment and it’s really starting to look the bees knees. Kings Cross is not the most prettiest part of London and has a questionable reputation, but I can honestly say they are really turning this place around.

We did pop in for Brunch and then realised that we read the online menu wrong and that Brunch is only served Sat and Sun so we shall be back for a good old munch down on that one weekend. It was still cool though and to numb the brunch pain I decided to have a cocktail for breakfast.

The other half went for coffee, but this wasn’t any old coffee. At Caravan they roast their coffee on site in the basement of their old grain store restaurant. Coffee you hear me write about? I did it, I went for a little sip and it tasted real good too. I mean, I am most definitely not a coffee convert now, I just can’t deal with how it makes me feel a little icky. So no, ‘The Olde Young Coffee Houses’ popping up anytime soon.

And then we dived into a cheesy crabby heaven.

With so much choice on the menu it was a tough decision.

Perfect portions for old picky bit me. It meant that I could try loads of different dishes and get my fill.

The Jalapeño Corn Bread with Chipotle Butter was so delish that I could have eaten a truck load of it. Not to mention the Crispy Crab Fritter, which I was quite surprised was an actual crab. I was a little scared to ask how to eat it so we just sort of pulled it apart and ate the entire thing. 

As soon as anything Mac n’ Cheese pops up on the menu I am sold. 

And the Fried Mac n’ Cheese, oh my. 

As London is full of places to eat, shop, drink and be merry I thought it best to go in search for desserts elsewhere. I needed to walk off my cheese sweats.

You can find Caravan Kings Cross right next to the new campus of Central St Martin’s in Granary Square this place is super cool to just sit and people watch. My favourite past time by far.You really need to check this place out if even just for a snoop when you are central and have a bit of time to kill. I can imagine it booming on a hot summers day. 

Caravan Kings Cross, 1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA

Have you got any London hot spots I must try out next time I am down in the big smoke? 




    • December 21, 2015 / 10:22 pm

      Awwwww it was delish… As if we were there at the same time in the same place!! Lot's of picky bits you would have loved it x x

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