I feel like I haven’t dined out for ages. I am not to sure what has been going on but time has really ran away with itself recently.

Saying that, I think I have exhausted all my local haunts and I am hanging off the edge of my seat waiting for somewhere new to open. 

I was in luck. I jumped into the Tea-Mobile and off I popped to Newcastle, fleeing the Teesside nest to attend the brand spanking new Canteen & Cocktails Launch Night. 

I was promised burgers and I was promised cocktails. I got both. Therefore I was a super happy girl.

I can see them puzzled looks on your faces, knowing deep down somewhere in my archives you have seen something a little similar. Guess what? You are right! Way back in January I attended the Norton Canteen & Cocktails Launch Night where I munched on Chicken and Chorizo Burgers washed down with Bloody Mary’s and Margaritas.

I had no doubt that this place would be kitted out exactly the same to the highest standard I have ever clapped my eyes on. I really mean that. I hear there were lots of sleepless nights and brokens legs to get this all ready for launch night. Which let me tell you is a common case, knowing the pressure of setting yourself an opening date and sticking to it.

Food was being served left right and centre for all of us to get our chops round and try.

If it came to ordering off the menu I think I would have problems as there is so much on there that tickles my fancy.

I am such a fan of the lightbulbs and the structures that are sometimes even built in the owners garage. I have seen this first hand and they are pretty much the most amazing show stoppers. 

A huge lover of stripping buildings back to its original form and restoring some of their industrial features is a common theme throughout Canteen & Cocktails and their sister restaurants and bars. 

Pairing the beautiful interior this with a cracking burger or 6, it is a match mad in heaven.

Ox blood leather booths fill the main eating area so you can bring your whole crew and order every single thing on the menu and still have space for a cocktail or two.

More seating in the form of wooden canteen benches and school chairs (a personal favourite of mine) fill the restaurant really making this huge place flow.

Three bars are situated throughout Canteen & Cocktails all decked out to the highest standard with quality fixtures and fittings, plenty of cocktails, sprits and lager beer to choose from.

Check out this Emulator which is the most revolutionary experience for DJ’s in the past 30 years. A touchscreen set of decks which makes for the best party piece. If you have a soft spot for technology you really gotta go and check this out.

Newcastle you are lucky to have a C&C in your town – now your grab coats, go fill your hungry tummies and see what I am shouting about.

You can find Canteen & Cocktails on Ground Floor, Milburn House, Dean Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE1 1LF




  1. December 29, 2015 / 7:41 am

    Lovely post on this launch night! It seems so fun and enjoyable. My brother also launched his new business and we threw a grand inauguration party at most popular corporate events New York venues.

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