After I devour a burger all I want to do is come home and fall into a big greasy burger coma.

I love a good burger. A beef burger, a chicken burger, a bean burger and oh boy, I can’t forget that fritter burger I had in Honest Burger a few years back!

I wonder how many times I can say burger in a blog post. Burger, burger, burger.

Well this time I devoured a burger and I did not want to come straight home and dwell on the fact I had just eaten my body weight in meat and fries. I wanted to come home and tap, tap away and tell you all how good of an evening I had just had. 

To be fair I knew it would be a pretty outstanding eve as I popped along to Chilli Cake Hartlepool for their Beats, Burgers & Beers. My love affair with Chilli Cake is 4Eva.

You can purchase tickets online for their Friday night social via Event Bright or by popping in store.

When the next lot go on sale you had better be quick as this was an absolute sell out.

There is just something about this place that I love. It would not look out of place if you were to stumble across it in our capital with all of it’s fantastic events and Sunday roasts. It was all happening this weekend and I could not be happier being a part of it.

The burgers came in the form of Chargrilled chicken, garlic and king prawns / Beef burger, jack cheese, gherkin, tomato, tobacco onions and burger sauce / Falafel, halloumi, salad & salsa.

The beers came in the form of any cask ale or wine such as Portland American Ale, Stella 4% and Beerlao to name a few.

The beats came in the form of Pek & Wanley. Now, are you ready for this? They are a ramshakle, hipster-hop, hillbilly, folk-ie, rock acoustic duo and were bloody great too. 

As I have been a struggling with my new braces these past few weeks, I was reckless. I just stuffed that chicken and prawn burger into my mouth and dealt with the consequences of bread teeth later. 

The burger was fantastic and cooked to perfection. The brioche bun was toasted and super soft. I decided to opt for spicy fries with my burger and my burger buddy went for their tasty sweet potato fries. It was just the perfect amount.

I sampled the Beerlao which was a blooming treat. I am always up for a new ale, larger or blue wkd cocktail that I can get my hands on. I have never tried the Beerlao before and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this.

As my burger was served and the flocks flocked in, the night was in full swing. Beer number two was on the way. Come on, it was Friday night after all. 

Now hear me out Teesside. Hartlepool can seem like a trek and a half away, am I right? But sack off the designated driver and all hop on the train. Make use of our great transport links and jump on board a good old choo choo. It takes less time to go on the train than drive and Chilli Cake is a mere 1 minute walk from the station. What are you waiting for?

I know my tea ladies will be tempted to try out Beats, Burgers & Beers very soon. They love a good burger, most definitely a beer and you guessed it beats.

For just £12.50 per ticket make sure you snap one up or call by book you place as you don’t want to miss out.

I am still on a high from it all. Keep up the good work Chilli Cake you are onto a winner here.

Love Carli x

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*I was invited to sample Beats, Burgers & Beers but boy oh boy are these opinions my own.



  1. May 7, 2016 / 9:56 pm

    chicken and prawn burger whaaaaaaaaat. I feel like the word 'burger' looks wrong now I've looked at it too much.
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

    • May 11, 2016 / 9:11 am

      Yes I was like hummmm but you know what it was great. Try writing Burger that many time!! x x

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