Well wedding fever is in full swing in the McStanwick household. I am scrambling to try and get all my papers and details ready for when we head back out to Portugal in September to finalise all of our plans. Eeek!! Flights are booked and there is not stopping us now.

Let the countdown begin. T minus 3 months.

I mean, I still haven’t got my dress yet but I am not really too worried, I think that the pressure of other people around you can really stress the planning of a wedding to be honest. I want it to be enjoyable and I want it to be relaxing for all involved. The last thing I want is to be hot and flustered and having to explain to strangers of strangers of strangers why I may choose a high street dress instead of a meringue gown. This is one of reasons why we have decided to get married abroad in my favourite town of Lagos, to escape unnecessary pressure. I mean running my own blog and business just isn’t enough it seems.

To get myself into the wedding mood a little more I have been treating myself to a few bits an bobs to get me a touch more excited and to get a routine of preparations started. I wanted to show you my little pre wedding treats that make me feel a princess. 

Cue this little number from Camille in all of it’s Crepe De Chin glory. This Bridal Ivory Wrap* is what I am talking about and is so lightweight making it perfect for some winter sun weather over there. The lace details on the sleeves are not to bling and make this very me, even if it is a little transparent. I have my eye on a few chemises and pyjama sets too so go take a peek for all your comfy sleepover needs.

I have been umming and ahhing over what jewels to wear on my big day as not having a dress picked out yet makes it a pretty hard challenge. I know I want earrings but that is about it. I am not one for wearing a lot of jewellery on a day to day basis apart from the odd necklace here and there and my engagement ring but these treats from Jon Ricard are so divine.


I am a recent owner of a Pandora and I am a huge fan of their designs, I know I am a little late to this party. The moment I set my little peepers on this dreamboat of a charm I knew it was love at first sight. It really reminds me of Lagos town and all of it’s blossoms it has to offer. This Cherry Blossom Murano Bead* from TH Baker is made from you guessed it murano glass and is super super delicate. Perfect for an occasion like a good old wedding.


This Thomas Sabo limited edition charm from The Jewel Hut is extra special. I think it would really bring a pop of colour to my outfit and the whole wedding party as, spoiler alert, all of our guests are wearing white. This charm is a Rose Galaxy Cubic Zirconia* and absolutely stunning. The craftsmanship that has gone into this one little piece is just wow and really does sparkle sparkle.

I like the idea of Pandora charms being favours for some of the wedding party as they are such a personal little touch.


I remember having my ears pierced when I was a teenager being the hard nut I am. I cried and my ears bled so I refused to get the other one done and because I kicked up such a fuss to get them done in the first place my mother, god love that hard ass woman, made me go through with it. I would still have one ear pierced if I didn’t and for some reason I don’t think these beautiful earrings would have looked quite right with just one. 

Since it is my wedding day I though why not make use of those holes in my ears and get something that makes me feel like a film star. This Chandelier Pendent* set from Jon Ricard are perfect. The right amount of bling for a blingaphobe like myself. All I need to do now is find that sweetheart neckline and lives a goodun. I can show off those lobes till the cows come home.

I have seen some beautiful shoes I think would be perfect for my big day, and I am talking 3 pairs not just one. Nothing too high as this girl needs to be able to make some shapes without her feet being in bits, so maybe a shoe change would not be such a bad idea. I want to be able to knock out a set of moves that the next day you feel like you have whiplash. I will be such an elegant bride won’t I?


Anyway, that should be enough wedding talk for you this week. Have any of you lovely lot been married abroad or planning to? I would love to know how you did it as I feel like I have been winging this up to now.

Love Carli x

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    • July 26, 2016 / 9:10 pm

      Awwww thank you angel face!! I loved our little session up the hall….. Love ya! Make sure I stop eating so much food please x x

  1. September 6, 2016 / 10:56 am

    The view at this place was amazing. This event was in the evening so it’s really a site to see when the sun sets. Just beautiful New York wedding venues! If you are planning your wedding here, don't worry too much about how to make it look even more beautiful.

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