I have been trying to make a little bit more time for myself over past few months. I am a sucker for feeling guilty if I do anything solely for myself. 

When I do want to take five I like to get stuck into a good book. I am a huge fan of crime thrillers as I like something that has more twists than a Curly Wurly. 

Reading books do take me a while, I must admit. When I say a while, I mean my last book took me just under a year to finish. It was blooming brilliant too, I just could not find the time to sit back and tune in properly.

This little wonder dropped through the letter box at Tea House HQ and I could not wait to get cracking. Girl, Missing is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary which contains some exclusive content. All the Tea Ladies had a good read of the back and I let them fight it out as to who would be reading it after me. Girls and their literature hey?

So, Girl Missing by Sophie McKenzie, what a page turner, how cliche, but it is. 

Lauren is a real inquisitive young girl and wants to know about who she is. Lauren is adopted and wants to know why her family are keeping secrets from her. Being the little detective that she is Lauren stumbles across a missing persons site where she starts putting two and two together.

I am a good three quarters through this beauty and I can’t put it down.

A strategically planned family holiday ables Lauren to make a run for it and try and find out some answers on her own but this is more dangerous than she thinks. Oh man, I am totally hooked.

I like that someone has sat and put their time and energy into writing something they feel utterly passionate about. A little bit like blogging really, words are such a sweet gift. 

The only downfall about Girl, Missing is that I don’t want it to end.  There is something so satisfying when you finish a book and pass it on isn’t there?!

Now to kick back, relax with a cornflake tart and pot of Yorkshire Tea. I am going to take this time for myself and finish this book in record time, like the good old days.

To help celebrate Girl, Missing and it’s 10th year anniversary I am giving away a copy of this for one of you lucky readers. All you have to do enter using the Rafflecopter below and this could be on the way to you.

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UK only for this tea bees.

What book should I read next?

Love Carli x

*This is a sponsored post but my love for a good thriller is real, when I get the chance to sit down and grab 10 minutes to myself.

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