You just wouldn’t guess that all I have been doing for the past few eves is getting through far too many bags of mini eggs with no remorse whatsoever. It happens and I’m over it.

As we all know January is a trial run for all of these people want to turn over a new leaf and begin the year on a health kick. I am 100% guilty of this. I have been easing myself in gently, like, real gently. I find sticking to things quite hard. I get bored and just feel that life is for living, enjoy it. I don’t like to be controlled by what I eat, as food is a huge part of my life and I just blooming love food.

But yeah, I really need to kick start my diet and I WILL get lean in 15 under the guidance of Mr Wicks himself. I signed up this morning.

Over the past year my jewellery collection has grown and grown, just like my love of mini eggs. When I say grown, I feel like more like it has begun, it has evolved. Check me out with my 8 pieces of jewels. Let me explain. I have never been one for investing in earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings as they don’t really wash well with being a baker. Kneading scones and doing the dishes tend to be a no no and I would take them off and just lose them.

But now I am an adult and we have responsibilities right, I tend to care for my belongings more which only grows my love of my jewellery collection. 

It was time for a fashion post, a windy post at that. Hooray for it not raining for a whole day though.


This is one piece of sparkle that I have have been wearing constantly for the past week teamed up with matching earrings.

This Fan Pendent from Kaytie Wu epitomises romance and sophistication. Oh, you got me. I can be a sophisticated Sally when I want to be. I like that you can layer these necklaces up in different shapes and colours to really bring out your sense of style.

It’s this brushed yellow gold that got me all weak at the knees.


After a trip to York last week where I ate my body weight in bacon and washed the bacon sweats away with a Black Forest Gateau Cocktail in Evil Eye. I spied this little dress on ever so kitsch Cath Kidston staff member. After raiding the racks for the EXACT same dress, my heart was set on it you see. You know how a girl can get. I had to give up and leave empty handed with no 8-10’s anywhere in sight.

It wasn’t until I headed up to Geordie Land a few days after and I popped my head in their new store at the Metrocentre that my dreams came true. There she was. Hidden between a blue dressing gown and a floral skirt, which I also purchased with my Christmas money of my Nan. 

This drop waist, 3/4 sleeved beauty if perfect for this in between weather. When it’s still too cold to wear short sleeves and you don’t want to throw on a jumper because you wanna show off your florals to the world. 


I tend to do a good old grocery shop once a week to get all my fruit and veg in so it is fresh

 fresh fresh! While browsing around my trolley always veers into the clothing section. Has anyone else noticed they seem to be really upping their game recently on the fashion front?

I spotted this little saddle bag and thought it would be great to pop on when running small errands where I just need my purse and money off coupons in. My new favourite past time is collecting coupons. I blame too much binge watching of Extreme Couponing. 

I had to double take at this little number, this is no joke. I walked up to the bag and back again as this delightful bag was only £4.20 in the Sainbury’s sale. The perfect accessorie to this outfit don’t ya think?

 Right well I better get to it. I need to go and weigh myself and send Mr Wicks my front, back and side view of my mini egg tummy. I need to give myself a good old kick up the jacksy and stop eating chocolate for breakfast. I need to dust off that gym kit and really start to push myself. I have 7 months to tone up and get myself feeling how I want to feel for the big day. Come on tea bees, we can do it.

I can’t wait for spring to come so the sun can shine and I can take a lot more outfit posts.

Love Carli x

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    • February 10, 2016 / 5:01 pm

      Awww you. Got my standard look down pose down to a Earl Grey Tea havn't I! Love ya x

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