The year of the Monkey is upon us all.

If this means eating lots of bananas and drinking green tea then hit me up.

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year on February 8th than with one of my favourite recipes? Banana & Nutella Loaf. I mean it is the year of the monkey after all.

With it still being pretty bleak out and I just know we are set for snow I thought there is nothing better than some warm yummy Banana & Nutella Loaf to get me through. Start the year how I mean to go on, all warm and cosy and probably snuggling my dog.

A new Chinese New Year. A new me. I felt super pressured at the start of this new year with so many goals, resolutions and things that people would probably most definitely break within a week or so of making them. So I have been jotting down a few goals throughout January that I would like to work towards for a happier Chinese New Year. Drinking green tea is at the top of that list.

So time to settle down for elevenses with a hot pot of Chinese Sencha and a slab of Banana & Nutella Loaf.

This Chinese Sencha from Rington’s is the bee’s knees. Packed full of antioxidants which help boost the metabolism I know this will be a staple in my diet this year. A green, grassy flavour really hits them green tea tastebuds.

What does this year bring for you cheeky little monkeys?

Well let this Mystic Meg tell you all. Your lucky colours are white, blue and gold. It’s best to stay away from the colours red and pink so you may want to look elsewhere for valentines day this year.

Your lucky flowers are Chrysanthemum and a Crape-myrtle which really are a sweet sweet flower.

And for all of you that live up in my part of the world well give yourselves a great big pat on the back and you may want to stay put. The North and North West are your lucky directions this year. See I knew it wasn’t so bleak being from up North.

Now grab your dancing shoes or slippers like me and get ready for a good old Chinese New Year on February 8th 2016.

Now, let’s pop me on another brew.

Love Tea Lady Carli


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