As we all know I am one to jump on the bandwagon way after it has left the station, done a round trip and then set back off again.

After hearing all those horror story’s about the ‘Teatox’ tea’s making you super slim after a week of drinking a herbal remedy that make the contraceptive pill not work. I was a little bit dubious to say the least. Queue the baby boom of 2015.

I do not want to lose weight, nooooooo. Saying that I am just like everyone else and have insecurities about how I look. I think we are all like that, this is nothing new to us as a human race comparing ourselves. I wanted to try this Tea Doctor ‘Teatox” thing out to kick start me into a bit of a detox and get me feeling fresh and not like a slug for the lead up to christmas.

We stock quite a few herbal teas in Tea House HQ so I was quite interested in what was in these super teas to make them such a popular beverage. 

Day Time – Aniseed, Fennel Seeds, Cardamon Pod, Licorice Root, Coriander Seed and Celery Seed.

Night Time – Oat Flowering Tops, Licorice Root, Chamomile Flower, Lavender Flower, Lime Flower, Valerian Root, Green Rama Tulsi Leaf to be exact.

Now I am not a huge herbal tea fan but I could happily drink these for the two weeks or the month you are set to abolish all the nastiness out of my body. I do struggle with the morning one as I am not too good with Aniseed. Its brings back far too many memories of shoting back Sambuca down The Empire then vomiting all over myself circa 2007. Always Classy!

Low and behold I didn’t manage to vom all down myself or poo my pants for that matter. You know if you interested in that type of thing. 

All of these Detox Teas have the stigma of, well, here is a few quotes ” So much poo”, Makes you poop like crazy”, and ” I almost pooped my pants a couple of times”. You get the drift.

I will say this loud and proud ‘ I DID NOT POOP MYSELF!”

These are a really good way to kick start any kind of detox or diet in my eyes. It is just herbal after all and you are not putting chemicals into your body. It’s all natural. 

It was nice to take 20 minutes out on my break at work, to sit back and have a Tea Doctor Morning Tea and have a read of North East independent magazine Sunday Girl.

 You can join me in this ‘Teatox’ challenge by heading over to Tea Doctor and taking a peek for yourselves. You can even detox with a friend and receive 10% off.

Hope you are all having a great week tea lovers x



    • November 25, 2015 / 8:47 pm

      It's good. I just can;t get away with the Sambuca flavour to kick start my morning but you know!! Ha let me know how it works of you x x

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