I have to introduce you all to Mr Malibu Dream….

This tea is soooo good. From the moment you open the jar to then letting it brew, it fills my heart, nose and life with so much joy. It is caffeine free too which means I can drink as much as I like without it keeping me awake.

Look at all them colours and shapes.

I feel that I have been super organised this year in getting ready for the Winter season. Lot’s of planning needs to be done to get Tea House HQ ready and prepared for three months of being busy, busy, busy.

I always find myself leaving little bits of paper laying around bags, in diaries and forever in the bottom of my pockets. I always mean well when I say that the jobs on there will get done but in reality if they don’t get ticked off and done there and then it is another ball game.

Busy B know how important it is to be organised and with being organised I like my stationary to look pretty. I need something that will make me want to tick off the to-do items on my to-do list and actually well, do them.

Their amazing notepads, list pads, weekly planners are an absolute steal from just £4.99. Pop over and see what they have on offer as I am pretty sure you won’t be dissapointed. I may even start getting some presents bought this week from Busy B. As you know I love a good old independent business when I set my sights on them, and I know some of this stuff would be perfect in a few of my friends stockings.

So it was time to take a breather and sit down to write my lists on the Oh So Clever List Pad* and jot away some ideas in my new Cream Floral Notepad* while sipping on this weeks Tea of the Week – Malibu Dream.

It tastes amazing!! I am a sucker for coconut and this fruit tea really packs a punch.

Packed with apple, pineapple, rosehip and hibiscus with the creamy undone of coconut makes this perfect for a morning boost to refresh you for the day.

You can pop over to our Etsy Store where we sell all of our tea’s if you want to try it out for yourselves.

Malibu Dream // 50g // £4.50 //100g // £7.50

Thank you Busy B for helping me organise my life. I feel back on track and ready for the crazy season ahead.




    • October 2, 2015 / 11:53 am

      It is sooo good… just you wait till the spicy seasonal ones are ready to roll x

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