As I am a MASSIVE supporter of independent businesses and all that, the best way for me to show and demonstrate this support is to go to these yummy places! Whether it’s for clothes, beauty or food to try, I love to sample these delights for myself.

I mean there is NO other way! Not if the delights look like this:

Chilli Cake Deli in Middlesbrough is a stones throw away from Tea House HQ and this is very, very dangerous for not only myself, but the whole troop of tea ladies.

At least once a week we venture into the next street for a Truffle Man.

We are really hardcore. We run back through the building works of Bedford Street with sweet potato fries in one hand and a peanut butter milkshake in t’other. Sneaking in the back door of the tea house to annihilate the tastiest deli food around.

When I heard that Chilli Cake were opening their third shop I was super exited – they already have Chilli Cake 2 over at Boho One. It was time to get my glad rags on and go stuff my face.

The new Chilli Cake is at 9 Upper Church Street, Hartlepool, TS24 7ET. Hartlepool can be a little devil to get to, but boy it is worth every minute of that journey.

Me and the other half popped down for a taster of some of the new menu and to sip on some cold pressed juices and a couple of delish cocktails.

These justices are all hand made in store every single day. I have seen the stack of fruits and vegetables for myself. He opted for the Energiser which was delightful full of carrot, apple, orange and ginger, while I went for the ultimate Green to Good which was full of spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon and apple.

These are a blooming treat.

Having one cold pressed juice makes me totally healthy right?

It was time……

Just look at all this amazing food. All prepped up fresh by James, he really is the best. The standard of food is amazing at each Chilli Cake – you go in knowing it’s exactly the same at all three, which is super important when I want to face plant my favourite Haloumi salad with giant Cous Cous.

Not a fan of Salmon, to the point that I will refuse point blank to eat it, but I was turned. This Cajun Salmon was devine. Sweet potato salad on a bed of rocket and balsamic onions I could really eat this through my screen.

One of my Chilli Cake true loves is the Haloumi and giant Cous Cous. Words cannot explain to you how this tastes. This is my go to sit in Chilli Cake dish, with a side portion of EVERTHING.

My other true love is the Truffle Man. A home baked rye bread filled with Chicken, Doreen’s black pudding, watercress & mustard mayo and drizzled with truffle oil. Like seriously just wow!

Who doesn’t love chips? Who doesn’t love chips in a wrap with chicken, parma ham and goats cheese?

Not me. I loveeeeeeeeeeee this.

As if we weren’t full enough we got to try the most amazing burger with sweet potato fries.

And what better to wash this all down with than an Amaretto Sour. 

You need to check out their cocktail menu when you next stop by. 

Oh.. and also the yummy cakes. That carrot and lime cake is a dream.

As a independent myself I feel it is super important to build friendships and work tighter to support each other and help each other grow.

It is too easy to go at it alone in big bad Middlesbrough, let alone the world and to make enemies and rivals. Why do that when you can eat cake and drink tea together forever?

We are two streets away and even though we are both in the food and beverage industry we support each other immensely. Educating our customers of real yummy local independent eateries right on their doorstep that they may want to try out next time.

Team Tea House & Team Chilli – lets see what the future hold for us passionate, independent, local businesses.

I am ever so excited x

* I was invited by the lovelies at Chilli Cake to sample some of their Hartlepool Menu. All opinions are 100% my own and they are 100% as delish as they look.



    • September 3, 2015 / 10:35 am

      Hey!! It is soooo yummy. I love Chilli Cake so much…Yes go and make sure you take me with ou. Glad you liked it Gianni x x

    • September 23, 2015 / 11:46 am

      It most certainly was Danni!! Soooo lovely. The space is a lot bigger and they will have an upstairs seating area soon too x x

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