If Murphy Pop’s could speak then he would well and truly be thanking me for being the best dog parent ever! I mean this pup gets more things through the mail than me.

Murphy want’s to introduce you all to his new monthly subscription box from Barking Rad*. It really is the coolest dog box ever.

Full of treats for this little one. All made in the UK. Barking Rad stock your boxes full of independent crafters and suppliers. Got me there didn’t it really?! Independents. UK. Crafters…Sold.

With regulations a little bit on the questionable side relating to pet toys, some can be real cheap and nasty causing your pet more harm than they are worth. Barking Rad really do do their research for you and make sure your pooch is getting the 5* treatment it deserves.

Barking Rad work with a variety of dog shelters to help rehome some little beauties. You can even help out tea bees by just sharing them on your social media and help these little four legged friends out to find forever homes.

I mean if this all doesn’t make me break down enough hey? Boy do I shed tears and a sucker for a sob story. I was never like this before I got my little pug. I was as tough as old boots. Not now ohhh no.. keep me away from those youtube videos and anything to do with ‘this one has a happy ending, just watch’ No. It’s not ok and I can cry for hours on end.

Over to you Murphy.

Well hello folks. I got sent this lovely Original Package from the Barking rad this month. I am one lucky pug aren’t I?

It included some great Gourmet Sunday Roast treats from Harry’s Treats. And boy do they taste great. Just like Nana Marge’s Sunday Roasts.

I got a little pot of Skin & Paw Salve with Hemp Oil by Coconut Blush which I was in need of. My nose gets a little dry at this time of year and its tastes great too. I like to lick it off off and my mum said I’m allowed because it’s made from natural products so winner over here.

Smells delightful.

Now, I am not really fan of dog toys and I find catch quite a boring task. Give me a packet of gravy bones, a warm blanket and a human ready to tickle me any day of the week. I really did enjoy chewing up this moustache toy from My Person Loves Me.

I mean I did demolish this in about 10 mins but that was the best ten mins of my puggy life.

And last but by no means least, this doughnut. Oh my. I cried and cried for this as I only got a little bite to try as I hadn’t had my tea yet but I know how to work her. I just cried and cried at the box till she gave in and she did. I proved her wrong and ate all my tea too.

It was so tasty and looks like one of those Krispy Kreme doughnuts I am never allowed to eat, lick or even beg for.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was sent my own dog brew, Barkers Brew, in my all time favourite flavour, Chicken. It goes on my dry food to give it that extra yumminess. Makes tea time that extra bit special.

I can’t wait of next months Barking Rad box see what I get. Paws crossed its another doughnut or 4.

Thanks guys, Love Murphy x



  1. January 18, 2017 / 3:23 am

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