And so the wild wild weekend begins…

It has come around sooo fast and it makes me feel a little crazy inside. I used to spend my Sunday’s watching Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and text my best friend pictures of me watching it and vice versa. We don’t get out much as you can tell.

But this Sunday she will watching it solo! As I will be ON THE FREAKING SHOW!

This is actually a dream come true and I am honoured to be popping down to the big smoke with tea in one hand and cake in the other to tempt Tim and Simon with some of my yummy delights.

The tea and cake sorted, what else would I need to get organised? Travel maybe? Done! Accommodation maybe? Done!. Clothes?? Arghhh this was far from done until yesterday. You know how much I hate shopping due to too much choice so I thought, who needs clothes for a TV appearance? I am sure I can wing it as a naked tea lady. No?

Don’t worry I will not put you through that thought any longer as Boden came to my rescue! I absolutely love Boden and have done for years and years so this was like a double dream.


When I saw this Batwing Dress* I fell in love. You know me tea bees I love a good sleeve. And this batwing was a true delight and caught my eye straight away.

The fit is just perfect. The elasticated waistband means I can eat all the cake and even go back for seconds. I think this would look really nice with a pop of colour or a brown belt to pull you in even more.

I also love a good pocket too and the ones on this dress are real discreet and don’t ruin the shape of it.

I know I will get a whole lotta wear out of this.

They also have this in red. I know what is on my Autumn Wishlist.


Check out these Isabel Bow Point* shoes. Every girl needs a new pair of shoes when going somewhere fancy. I am not good with a heel, especially not in front of nearly a million viewers so I went with a little flat. A real cute flat at that.

The also do these in glitter too sooo please get in line and don’t buy all the size 4’s.

I love the red detailing on the shoes and thought what better to go with it that a sweet little red bag. The perfect size for a take away cupcake.


I really like the long strap and that I can wear it right over my body if I wish or on the shoulder. It is the perfect size for my phone, pennies and a coupe of chewits.

I thought a lovely red lip would match my beautiful outfit by Boden. Goes well with my poodle hair don’t you think?

Who will be tuning in to see me this sunday on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch? I get to meet a gumble of pugs and sample Tim and Simon first hand. I am one lucky tea lady.




    • August 11, 2015 / 7:48 am

      It is the perfect cut and makes you feel a million dollars x

    • August 11, 2015 / 7:48 am

      Awwww thanks Megan. Hop you enjoyed it and made you proud 🙂 x

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