I am not too sure why I have not visited Wahaca before… Oh my days.

I am a huge fan of spice and ‘little picky bits’ which is why tapas is great for me. I get HUGE food envy and always want to try other people’s dishes and can never narrow my own dish down from a menu. This place was just perfect for me.

I popped down to London for a little trip and thought now was the time to try out this little gem.

Specialising in Mexican Market Food, the interior of this little joint did not disappoint giving a true representation of, you guessed it: Mexico.

The weather was cold and drizzly and I am not going to lie I don’t think it actually stopped raining the whole weekend I was there. It was time to warm our cockles, so I opted for a Passionfruit Margarita to get me going.

With a side portion of Totilla Chips and Wahaca Salsa while I studied and drooled over the menu.

Pork Pibil, Pork Pibil… go for the Pork Pibil was whispered in my ear. I went for Pork Pibil, can you believe it?

Delish slow cooked pork in tiny little tacos topped off with some fiery pickled onions. This was a dream… A sloppy dream but boy were these little babies worth it.

I decided to go for one of the specials on the Spring Street Food Special. Not only a great little dish but 20p from each dish sold goes to ednica.org.mx helping to educate street kids in Mexico. We are all winners in Wahaca.

I really fancied something a little fresh and went for the greens. My favourite tenderstem broccoli drizzled with chilli-garlic oil and lime.

Last but not least we got our nashers round these Chorizo and Potato Quesadillas. The perfect amount of yumminess before we were back out onto the wet streets of London.

This place was a super great and perfect for those who like a little bit of everything like me. You can order as much or as little as you want and drink as many Margaritas as you fancy too.

The food is to die for and there is plenty of different seating areas to relax in. I took the window seat – perfect for the nosy little Northerner that I am.

You also get a little box of  Serrano Chillies to grow at home. There is nothing stopping me eating as much spice as I like now!

Wahaca has many locations spread out all over London, so make sure you pop over to www.wahaca.co.uk and find your closest Mexican dream. If you fancy visting one of their bars or street kitchens all the information is over there. I will be sure to check out one of their bars next time I am down in the big smoke.

Go try it. Don’t let me down x


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