What in the world is “Mother Clucker” I hear you ask!

Well let me tell you chicken lovers… It’s the best buttermilk chicken truck there is!

Delish tender chicken in a concoction of buttermilk soaked, twice battered fried chicken and tea brine! I totally didn’t know this till having a good old research on Mother Clucker and their recipes. I knew there was something pulling my little tea bee body to this truck. Super reasonable prices, too.

The cluck truck is only small but these guys use the space to the max. Taking orders at one end and boxing up at another. 

Plenty of drinks to whet your appetite too.

We went for the Strips + Fries + Drink for £8 as we wanted to leave room for more foodie fun later that evening. For London prices and the size of this portion, you can’t really fall off.

That chicken was actually to die for. Writing this post is torturing me. The first bite, crunching into that fried chicken… oh my… Now, lets talk about where this is:

Hidden away in London Town, in the Truman Brewery, is where this US Army Ambulance is serving up these clucking delights. If you havn’t been to the Truman Brewery it is a must. Full of food, fashion, bars and the ultimate place for people watching.

We had to queue for a little over half an hour, but it was well worth it to get my hands on these little nuggets of gold. At one point I was told to tell people behind me that they didn’t have anything left… I had to be the bearer of bad news… Can you imagine?! It did not go down well. People didn’t even believe me and still started to queue, refusing to believe that there was no chicken left. I think we made it just in the knick of time.

You have just got to get yourselves to the cluck truck. Open all day everyday – you really gotta go – no excuses.

Let me know of any great chicken places up North. Surely some of you have tasted something you think is just as delicious!? If life just sucks… at least I got chicken.