Foooood timmmmmeeeeeeee!!

I love to just go out either on my own or with friends to try new places. It’s the best trying somewhere new or somewhere I haven’t been to for a while and just go and order far too much. Eyes bigger than my belly on so many levels.

I drove out to Norton the other week to sample a delish lunch menu at 12 Harland Place – stay posted on this little delight as we have something exciting coming up in the next few months.

The menu is so fresh. It was so hard for me to actually choose what I wanted to eat. Next time I will be booking in for Afternoon Tea as my food envy kicked in, but not for not my dinner date’s dish (even though that looked awesome) but the next table. All of them cakes and sandwiches, scones and prosecco…I was the one with my eyes popping out of my head and rubber necking to see what was on offer – so attractive.

I ‘needed’ another tea it was one of them days where you just NEED tea.

I opted for the Crayfish and Avocado salad with side portion of fries because my friend was certainly not in a sharing mood that day! This was supposed to be a light lunch and soon turned into a feast of food, tea and cake.

 And just one more cheeky close up!!

A Philly Steak Sandwich as consumed by him.

Look at the little bucket the fries and salad come in.. too cute.

My sweet tooth came into play and I headed over to the dessert counter to take in what was on offer. Lots of cheesecakes, brownies and slabs of cake. This decision was ever so hard so we chose a few to eat there and then and then a few to take home because why not? We may as well go the whole hog now.

Sticky Toffee Pudding for him.

Banana and Pecan cake for me.

The interior of this place just blows my mind. It is super cool and well designed.

I love the upstairs where you can have a little private party of your own. There is a restaurant area and then a less formal seating area the bar – next to the cakes. I bet you can guess where I sat!

From pudding clubs to spudding clubs. To wine tasting to maybe tea tasting? This place is the bees knees.

I really need to get my butt booked into all of these events.

Make sure you pop by and try their delights. Brunch, lunch or a fancy dinner. Here are the deets you will need.

12 Harland Place, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, TS20 1Al

Enjoy x


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