Tea houses, tea pots, tea cups, tea rooms… you name ’em, I love em.

Tea Lady Reb came back to town from London for a flying visit and what better way to spend an afternoon catching up with her than to visit the new tea room that has opened up in the Dormans Museum, just a little out of town.

Dresser’s Tea Room – named after Linthorpe Pottery founder Christopher Dresser; Father of Modern Deisgn – is a little treat. Just 10 minutes walk from Middlesbrough town centre on Linthorpe Road, it’s not that far to grab a yummy afternoon tea and soak in some historical vibes.

This place has only been open for a few weeks and is run by a mum and daughter team from Middlesbrough. The room is very traditional with various props bringing this room to life as if we were back in the Victorian times. We managed to get a table by the window overlooking the cenotaph.

We had a little look at the menu but being tea ladies with huge appetites, we decided to try out the afternoon tea for two – the whole works!

We had delish sandwiches, I opted for tuna and Reb chose ham.

Yummy scones with cream. I am the ultimate scone fan. The little strawberry on top was so tasty.

We munched though this afternoon tea, drowning ourselves with a good old brew. There is something about a streaming pot of tea and afternoon tea that makes me a super happy girl.

We washed it all down with 2 slices of homemade cakes. There was delish coffee cake which reminded me of the cakes my mum used to make. And an apple pie which was quickly devoured.

We managed to eat the whole thing with only a few crumbs to spare.

The crockery was just wonderful and dainty. Nothing beats tea out of real bone china.

If you manage to pop to the Dorman Museum, make sure you go in for a cuppa and support you local independents. The museum is in the most beautiful building just off Albert Park, so there’s plenty to see and do.

The Dressers tea room is only diddy with around 7 tables, so make sure you get down early.

This post is making me hungry all over again. Do you tea lovers have any places you like to visit for afternoon tea? x


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