I will put my hands up and admit I have probably been to the hairdressers 3 times in the past 10 years.

I mean when you have a barber in the family (yes, like a man hair cutting person).Why do you need to go anywhere else when there is a pair of clippers always laying around on a Sunday? Why would I need to visit a hairdresser when my 18 year old cousin can pop up an ombre tutorial on youtube and shove on some of that bleach we found in the back of the cupboard? You’re with me right? I never need to visit a hairdressers ever again.

Well your wrong! I really do. The ends of my hair are as brittle and one of my Mr Tom cakes and the shape is just…None existent. I give it a little dry of a morning and up it goes in a top knot for tea lady duties. When it time to go somewhere, let’s say an occasion my hair is limp and shapeless.

I want to welcome you to my hero – Miss Katie!

I was having a browse through my Instagram looking at what Middlesbrough has to offer and a post from @lovembro caught my eye. Toni&Guy needed hair models. I am not one for spending loads on my hair as it never really sees the light of day apart from up on top of my head. For a trainee to give it cut and blow dry for £10 I thought it would be rude not to.

So off I popped to get my barnet done….

I booked an 11am appointment and it was really nice to have an hour to myself to just chill.

I love my hair being played with and after a little head massage from the lovely Katie I was ready to fall asleep.

Here she is at work on my dead locks. 

With Katie in training, each cut she made was checked over by another stylist. This was not a problem for me as I was ready for a little change. I was telling her it is fine if you keep cutting it shorter as it would be less for me to brush. I would feel extremely nervous being let loose with a pair of scissors but she was great. 

The products that were used on my hair were Label M Age-Defying Radiance Oil which was put on first while my hair was wet. This really lifted my natural colour once blow-dried, which reminds me I really need to invest in some heat protecting oil.

 Label M Protein Spray and Label M Shine Spray was put on last to give my hair that extra boost and inject it with a little bit life.

 It feels great to be helping out a trainee AND getting you hair done at the same time. So don’t be shy and get your appointments made today. Cut and blow drys are £10 / Colours are £15-£30. This offer is available Monday- Wednesday but make sure you pop in store to pre book.

Happy Hair Do’s x


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