I knew Week 2 would be a bit of a slow one.

After getting quite a lot done in Week 1 having to wait on quotes from contractors is not something I can handle very well. But, after some pestering and bribing in the form of tea we got there.

We have had a lovely electrician in this week taking down all then horrid cables and setting up some brand new pendents. Soon we can actually have some lights, HURRAY!

My little cousin the plumber just came back from his honeymoon and was straight over. I don’t think he could handle the constant oven links and u bend photos I was sending him so he came straight away to get me off his back! Fingers crossed the plumbing work should be done by next weekend, YEY.

We are currently waiting on the builder to open up our main room and finish some plastering. Once this is done we will be well on our way to moving week 3s plans forward.

This is definitely the slow week but I’ve not shed one tear… yet. There were a few disagreements down at the timber yard, but what can you do? It turns out that I am really passionate about timber.

We have had a delivery of our new fridges which is like, really exciting for us!

We cleared out the unwanted floor and cables so we just have the shell of the shop at the moment.

All of our radiators have been taken off and we are getting new wires so this Winter is going to be ever so cosy with the smell of sweet, sweet cakes filling the shop.

A fair few things have been purchased for the kitchen as well as new exciting signage. We’ve even had some sample wallpaper delivered, which is just perfect.

The girls are getting rather excited and wanting to start painting and getting everything stocked up.

Next week will be about drafting up a new menu and getting organised.

What do you want to see on our menu?  Pop some ideas in the comments below so we can take these on board!

Hope you are having a great Wednesday x


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