Here we have a SUPER, BRAND NEW Tea of the Week for you!!

It is so super new that it hasn’t made it on to our shelves yet, but you can’t miss it’s butterscotch aroma as we begin to weigh it out and bag it up. OK, OK we will have it up in out ETSY STORE this week. We promise!

It is crazy busy over at Tea House HQ with the new shop well underway. To help me relax I can’t find anything better than listening to a naughty christmas song and drinking a pot of this delight. I am a serious christmas fan and somewhere deep down on the Tea House playlist you will find a few cheeky songs that come out when sweeping at the end of the tea day.

Back to the tea – A black Ceylon tea infused with vanilla, butterscotch and caramel.

You can see the bright sunflower petals peeking though too. Anything with sunflower makes the tea ladies really happy.

Beautiful on it’s own or with some yummy treats. The world is your oyster with this one.

I like to treat the tea ladies to flowers once in a while because they totally deserve them by brewing up a storm and being totally fantastic!

Here we have some ‘cabbage flowers’ a personal favourite.

I prefer this tea without milk but it can tolerate a dash. However, I really, really do advise that you try it black before reaching for the milk. Go on be a dare devil! You never know, you may just love it. I know you will.

 There are even little drops of real butterscotch. They are really real, I even tried one and it was like a little bit piece of heaven. They melt into your brew to make it even more special.

This tea is a little more expensive than our usual loose leaf but it is really great. Go on treat yourself to this delish tea as a Autumn treat. It’s definitely one to drink on an evening and sit by the fire – it will make you all warm inside.

This delightful Caramel Cream is £5.00 for 50g – £9.00 for 100g.


(Don’t forget there is still 10% off till midnight if you order online using the code 10KVIEWS)


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