There were tears. There was plenty of tears and tantrums.

This week is known as the ‘hump week’ – the way to make it better was for people to sing ‘my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely lady humps, ch ch check it out’

It was a week of waiting for the electrician, plumber, builder and plasterer to start and I felt like I was waiting forever. I am a ‘do it now’ sort of girl and hate waiting, but it all got started and things are starting to take shape.

The bathroom really is looking fab. We have 2 lavatories and a sink, but don’t worry there is still framework to be built.

This little snug room should be taking shape first – although this was not the initial plan. I feel like working backwards is what I have gone for. I just can’t wait for some colour to go up on the walls and ceilings.

Speaking of which, all the paint has been purchased and I just can’t wait to see our new burgundy up for you all to see.

The front is all nice and clear ready for some big work happening in Week 4! Really exciting stuff.

To the left hand side of the photograph below, there was a wall built around these amazing steel gurders which have so much character and made right here in Middlesbrough. It was decided that we would keep these and jazz them up. Nothing like keeping a little bit of our industrial heritage, it really opens up the space and lets the light flow right through.

Everything has been ordered and I am patiently waiting the arrival of my brand new oven and about a million pieces of plaster board, PVA, adhesive and finishing plaster. The amount of DIY things I know now has made me a proud tea lady.

I can only apologise for the speckled paint covered face and the terrible trainers / dirty jeans combo. It is most certainly not a look I can pull off very well.

I am quite happy this ‘hump week’ is out of the way. We are totally on target but won’t let you in on the opening date just yet…

Hope you are all having a great week and excited for Week 4. This is my favourite week yet x


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