I have heard about plenty of rooftop gardens popping up all over London this summer: the Kensington Roof Gardens, Dalston Roof Park and the most recent one, over on the rooftop of John Lewis, to celebrate 150 years of the department store.

Being a typical British summer it rained, but that just made for a trip round the deserted rooftop a little more special, taking in some amazing London views.

I can imagine this place being heaving on a hot summer weekend, so the solitude seemed perfect.

I felt so high I could fly. I’m not too good with heights so I was being extra brave.

Until I crash landed!

The outdoor seating areas, set out with little flowers in teapots, made me want to go home and pot all my little succulents into china teapots and enjoy a warming brew.

I have had a recent love for plants, not that I can really keep them alive for too long, but the idea is great all the same. I loved this tiny greenhouse that was full of little plants with information about them and what they were.

Everything was covered in fake grass from the ground up to the walls – it truly is great!

Little plaques told you the history of John Lewis with the bonus of having Joe and the Juice there to serve up hot and cold beverages. It didn’t matter if it was cold, you could get all snuggly on the grass seats and enjoy a cuppa.

 Even if it did rain the staff were there to hand out some umbrellas so that you didn’t miss the fantastic views.

All of these flowers make me want me to cling on to summer, even though the woollen tights have been purchased and all my autumn jumpers have had their first wash. They are just sat there begging to be worn. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total autumn/winter girl,  but this summer has actually been enjoyable… I have been sporting bare legs. Its not been too shady in my eyes!

If you do get the chance to visit a rooftop garden grab the opportunity when you can, because I think these places are seasonal and I wouldn’t like to be up there in the freezing cold, being blown all over London!

Hope you are all enjoying the rest of summer! x


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