I am partial to a good burger once in a while… ok maybe a few. So visiting our Capital I knew there would be plenty of places to check out and find my ultimate favourite burger joint. I have been stalking the majority of burger bars through social media, on apps such as Timeout, and looking at other bloggers who share my love for a good bit of beef.

A few places I have tried are: Pattie & Bun, BRGR.CO and GBK. But it was time to try  Tommi’s Burger Joint.

Situated half way down The Kings Road, this is new to all the Chelsea lot. They really have been missing out. Tommi’s was great.

A small little shack with the patties firing up right in front of you, you can actually hear the sizzling as they cook. Delish brioche buns toasting gently too. It really is the bun thats makes a good burger.

 I decided to go for the burger, fries and soda for the bargain price of just £9.90. This, for London stakes, is a mega deal. Especially when they are super fresh and you can fill the little blighter with as much as you like.

The design of this place is really cool with everything hand written and attached to a metal cage, which is used to store more burger supplies and liquors. 

With a wall full of condiments there really is something for everyone: hot burger sauce, tabasco, mango, chilli, pepper sauce and mustard – the list really, really does go on.

There are jars and baskets full of DIY pickles, onions and relishes. Heaven.

Out came the burgers in little trays and soooo many fries. As a ketchup hater I got a little freaked when it was dolloped right there in my burger. As a fussy burger eater I like to have options, but I amended my burger (like a trooper) and the rest was history.

This sign was the best. A hand crafted menu is a real winner with me!

I decided to fill my burger with mango and lime chutney, chilli garlic, mustard, cripsy onions and a shed load of sweet pickles.

There is also another Tommi’s over in Marlebone – double deliciousness!

It was really nice inside, and with the rain pattering down outside I didn’t want to leave. Lots of film memorabilia on the walls and some DIY burger works of art, it was something you wouldn’t find down on The Kings Road – until now.

Do you have any good burger spots that I NEED to know about? x



    • September 7, 2014 / 10:44 am

      It is sooooo cool inside. It was really empty when we arrived to so we got the feel of the whole place. Love your blog Nicole x

    • September 16, 2014 / 3:37 pm

      Hi Danni, Check out the new blog post 🙂 x

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