At the start of last week I decended on London. I tend to visit a couple of times a year to see what is going on in the world of tea and check out some amazing independent places too.

I also try my hardest to eat at least one burger a day and pig out for the the entire weekend. This visit was no exception.

Rising at 6am is not really what I want to be doing on a Bank Holiday, but for this I would rise and take the whole neighbourhood’s dogs for a walk if it meant I could eat this every day of my life! I want to introduce you to M1LK.

I used to live just 5 minutes walk from this place when I lived “darn souf”, but I never visited because it wasn’t what it is today. In all honesty, I can’t even remember what it was but it definitely wasn’t M1LK!


I found these guys on Pintrest of all places trying to cook up some inspiration for future dreams and thought I would check it out. This was my second visit to M1LK, and I had raved about it so much to The Boy, that I was under quite a bit of pressure to make sure he enjoyed this particular brunch! A task that was made harder thanks to the delightful British weather – it rained every single second I was in London! And it wasn’t just a trickle here and there, I had to buy an umbrella it was that bad. I was soaking, totally drenched from head to toe, but guys it was all ok. I got M1LK!

There was so much to choose from on the menu, everything was getting my tastebuds going.

But I have one true love here and one true love only.

I want to introduce you to Sweet Maria.

A delish combination of Sweetcorn Fritters, Grilled Halloumi, Avacado, Kasundi (a type of home made Indian sauce), lime and dry cure bacon – it really is the works.

This is one the nicest things I have ever tasted, a real comfort food to me. I am even planning on making some in the next few weeks, so stay posted.

He (The Boy) opted for the convict – everyone seemed to be getting this – maybe a hangover cure as it was a Bank Holiday? I think so!

M1LK is a really tiny place with 6 tables and one sharing bench at the front. People queue here for brunch and I can see why. The food is amazing and very different to the normal full English. Milkshakes and smoothies are served in the biggest jars ever, and they really take pride in their speciality coffee. I decided to choose the Earl Grey Blue Flower, a blend we also sell in store at The Olde Young Tea House, as I thought it would go well with my Sweet Maria. After that rainy trek I wanted something to warm my (wet) boots and make me feel all cosy inside.

The string of Bavarian beer benches, nestled under the canopy outside sheltered approx. 24 more customers from the rain. The fact no one battered an eyelid about whether they were inside or out proves just how good this place is!

As it is a really small place there was inevitably a queue of people waiting outside, meaning that you can feel a touched rushed. But this is literally the ONLY downside! And, as every cloud has a silver lining: it meant that we could continue our London adventure.

I will most certainly be back, just maybe a little bit earlier next time so I can really savour the yummies they have to offer. Oh… these guys are opening up a new place on Clapham Common called FIELDS so I can go and get my fill in both places next trip.

I wish that your brunches will forever be this tasty x



    • September 5, 2014 / 8:14 pm

      I dream about the sweet marias! I really need to make some of these up and gorge on sweetcorn fritters x

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