Whoaaaaa Tea Lovers. We have just reached over 10,000 blog views. That is totally amazing. I was not sure what to expect when I started up this little online life diary sharing with you my likes, loves and delish recipes I have made up, but this is totally off the wall.

The most popular ones are all about food, so I am sure I have the best readers in the world!! There is plenty more where all that came from too – trust me I love taking this upon myself to try new places out and then share with the internet world.

 As a huge THANK YOU I want to give out a discount code for our Etsy Store for the whole of next week. A whole 10% off your favourite loose leaf tea for seven whole days!! Just pop in the code 10KVIEWS at the checkout over on the Etsy and get shopping.

What kind of blog posts do you like to see? Food? Lifestyle? Tea? Independents? Go on leave a comment below and let me know – I am only learning so some guidance is never a bad thing.

Thanks again tea lovers you are totally great! HAPPY SUNDAY X


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