I LOVE spice! At least once a week I need a hit! In our little town (we just can’t seem to get that city bid) there is plenty of foodie places to visit where I can get that spice kick. But there is one little place nestled just out of the way down a little side street that you would not even realise was there.  It’s like a little South Indian speakeasy where you have to be told by others or you just wouldn’t know it was there. Their peanut chutney is to die for!

When it comes to curry, I love spice and boy is this place spicy. However, you can ask for it to be made milder if you wish.

I am not a vegetarian, but when I eat out I’m always a little on the fussy side when it comes to meat. But Dosa does meat really well! It’s cooked to perfection and no nasty fatty bits – one mouthful of anything like that and I’m done. I tend to go for the lentils here too, they are so delish.

The menu is small with only traditional cuisine. Check it out here. There is, absolutely, no vindaloo or dopiaza in sight. This is a South Indian, carefully selected, minimal menu that speak volumes. Why have 30 dishes to choose from when you can have 4 of the most delicious dishes to choose from? Dosa is just perfect for those with a choice problem (like me).

For my ‘tiffin’ (starter) I opted for the uttapam. A flat like pancake made from rice with onions and coriander – I added an extra kick of chilli. It is one of the best things I have ever tasted. It comes with some sambar, which is a really spicy lentil soup. Get it all dipped into that peanut chutney and jobs a good’un.

Prone as I am to food envy, I love that this place does ‘andra’ which is a little selection of the dishes meaning I can taste as many curries as I like.

I opted for chicken and the lentils with a side portion of my guest’s lamb, I just couldn’t resist!

Oh, and another side portion of peanut chutney.

Dosa’s naan breads are not like any other I have tasted. They are not to heavy and taste real buttery. Divine.

There was definitely room for dessert, so we opted for a mango ice cream. Just what I needed!

Look at how cute these after dinner little aniseed seeds look!! Better than a mint imperial any day!

This place is a little on the small side but that is what makes it so special. A family run, independent, in the heart of our town – go on SUPPORT your independent and enjoy a curry!

Real reasonable pieces too.

Our meal cost around £30 and that was for a banquet fit for a queen.

We even got a free Dosa (delish South Indian pancake) for taking these photos: BONUS.

Till next time Dosa Houze….


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