Life at the moment for me is all about burgers.  Everyone loves a good burger. I blooming love a good burger. What is not to love? OK if you are a vegetarian, but there is some super homemade veggie burger out there too! You should see my burger list!

Last week was pretty full on in Tea House HQ with wedding orders, engagement orders, more wedding orders, attending weddings and baking up some in store treats. So, I thought I would treat myself before getting back into the swing of things (crazy summer holidays). I ventured out of Middlesbough to little old Stockton. With quite a few new independents opening and spreading the love in this rejuvenating town, I thought I would pop on down and see how our neighbouring market town was getting along and also see what a burger from Daddy G’s American Take Out, a new little burger bar on the high street, was all about.

You probably could miss it if you didn’t have your peeper open, so do have your burger wits about you!

Serving up burgers, fries, milkshakes, floats and hotdogs (from 99p Wednesdays and Saturdays) you can’t really say no to a burger or three?

That toasted bun was real tasty. Watching them patties get fired up fresh, fresh, fresh. It’s just how a good burger should be. This is just one burger rules that is, I believe essential. I won’t bore you with the rest just yet, but boy do I know a mean burger when I see one!

You know it’s good when you think you should have got a double? GUILTY!

 Daddy G’s had some seriously sweet American decor, especially for such a tiny place. Seriously this place was like 4ft wide!

 Just can’t get enough of root beer this week.

As you can see, no ketchup! I just can’t get away with the red stuff. I sure piled on that American mustard though.

Salted fries were just 99p.

 I am not going to say this was best burger I have ever tasted (my bar is REAL high) but it was good. In fact, a real good burger for just £1.49, cooked right in front of you, with onions, mustard AND a toasted bun. You can’t really fall off…

Next time I will be trying a hotdog. I’m sure I could fit in another burger and maybe even a milkshake!!

I had a little room for an ice cream of course. Thumbs up for lemon tops this summer!  If anyone has any good burger suggestion then pop them in the comments below and I will be sure try some out.

Hope you are all having a good Monday x


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