Thursday, 7 July 2016


I am sooooo into interiors, like more than you could really ever imagine. Cake, interior, cake, interior.

I ooh and ahh over various amazing interior sites and forever dreaming of the perfect Pinterest layouts a girl could only dream of.

I would love to do a house tour but in all honestly my floordrobe pile and brimming washing basket just won't cut it.

 I love my house and everything it contains. Before we moved into our house 4 years ago we sold every single thing we owned and started a fresh. I had a huge online sale and said goodbye to my mismatched interior and planned a minimal new life that would stay fresh and would fit right with my busy busy lifestyle.

Minimalistic vibes were key and this is something I need to still work on. Once a hoarder, always a hoarder. I just tend to hold onto things that I will never ever use again in my life. Feel free to stop by and help with a summer purge I am in desperate need.

When it comes to furniture I now look for forever pieces instead of just 'stuff that I like'. I also like a good handmade piece of furniture, something that love and attention to detail has gone into. Local is also a huge bonus, you know me and a good old independent business.

I have recently been introduced to Arcane Interiors and boy oh boy has this got my interior inspiration flowing. I mean this site solely is making me want to keep right on top of things.

Check out my Arcane Interiors wish list and swoon away.

These are my utter loves.

Make sure you go give them a follow on Twitter, Instagram and a like on FaceyB, but make sure you buy two of everything and send duplicates my way.

Love Carli x

*This is a sponsored post but my dreams of having my home look like this are far too real for my liking.



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