Friday, 3 June 2016


I need to confess something. I am not one for joining in blogger chats on the old internet front or on twitter, even though all I want to do is hashtag my life away and be part of something bigger, something so communal. I find that I have a quick browse through twitter and feel so lost in all of these topics and chats that I wouldn't know where to start or even more truthfully find the time. I do get quite hard on myself and try to make some sort of organised folder in my brain but then I find that that really makes my head fall into a slump as I just can't dedicate enough time to the blogger community online.

When I got a sweet little message from Katie from KatieEmmaBeauty in my comment box and later from Charlotte Ann to tell me that they had stumbled across my blog and felt that I deserved to be nominated for the Liebster Award I was in total shock. Shock factor number one was that I had been nominated for something and shock factor number two was what the devil is the Liebster award.

There is rules.

Rule 1 // Thank You

So this is the reason I want to thank Katie and Charlotte! Throwing over a virtual hug right there!

Rule 2 // 11 Random Facts

1 - I hate, hate, hate tomato ketchup. To the point of being unable even sneak a chip off someones plate just in case it has touched a teeny weeny amount.

2 - I wear braces. My teeth are not an ultimate mess but I am just not happy with how they sit and decided to get the '6 month smile' in March. Roll on August.

3 - I am to be married in October this year in Portugal to my fella, Dan. I never call him Dan apart from online as I always address him as Daniel. Just throwing those random facts over for you.

4 - I have a terrible fear of flying. My first flight was when I was 14 years old and I loved it. As I have gotten older I have developed some sort of scary ass fear.

5 - I love to have 'me' time. I love my own company and can get a little grouchy if I don't spend time in my own little bubble at home with my dog and a biscuit tin full of custard creams.

6 - I hate repetition as it drives me insane. Repeats of TV programmes, repeats of school stories, repeats of the same journey. Boring!

7 - I have always wanted to be on TV and last year my dreams came true, twice. Oh, and again this year. I am as us tea ladies say '#blessed'

8 - I was the first girl in my family to graduate at a university degree level. Girl power!

9 - My favourite cake has to be anything with peanut butter, chocolate, nutella and banana.

10 - I still don't know what I want to be when I get older.

11 - I have always wanted to own a bungalow.

Rule 3 // Answer questions from nominator - KatieEmmaBeauty. (I had already wrote this post when Charlotte Ann's questions came in)

1 - Why did you start blogging? I wanted to find away to showcase my photos and share with my friends and family little snippets of my life. A lot of my customers wanted to know my recipes and after being obsessed with reading blogs for a few years I thought this was the perfect channel to do so.

2 - What was your first ever blog post? (is it still live?) - My first blog post was Wynyard hall - Afternoon Tea and it sure is still live. I was going to write for a few months when I started so I had some back up posts but the day this went live it got picked up from the Spa and posted out to 11,000 readers.

3 - What is your favourite beauty product? (skincare/makeup) - I am just getting into products as I am not a beauty guru but I swear by Clarins HydraQuench Cream.

4 - What blog post are you most proud of? I am going to say my first one in question 2 as I was not expecting it to be published to the masses and it really gave me the boost that I needed. 

5 - Who is your favourite blogger ever? (big or small) - I am inspired by the team over at A Beautiful Mess as they really are a creative bunch. Elsie, Emma and Laura really get me excited about fashion, food and DIY's.

6 - What is one thing you've always wanted to achieve - but haven't yet? - Oh, this is a good one. To help me reach my next chapter (in my mind) of blogging I would love to be invited on a press trip to travel somewhere to produce some special travel content.

7 - What's your favourite social media platform? Instagram, as I am so image driven it's insane.

8 - What is your favourite shop? Can I say my own? Ha! I love Crumbs and Doilies when I visit London. It always gets a visit or two so I can eat their amazing cakes.

9 - (Out of curiosity) Which is your most successful blog post - in terms of views? My Peanut Butter Kitkat Brownie recipe and you know what. I don't blame each and every reader on that.

10 - Are you a nude lip or bold lip person? I love a bold lip but have been dabbling into a nude lip recently.

11- Where do you want to be in 5 years time? 5 years from exactly this moment right now I want to be snuggling with my dog, drinking tea and watching a TV series with my other half. If that could be my life each and every day I would be happy. I wouldn't change a thing. Life is precious.

Rule 4 // Nominate 11 blogs that have 1000 followers or less

Number 5 // Create 11 questions for you nominees.

1 / Do you blog full time? If not what is your day to day job? 2 / What is your guilty pleasure to binge watch? 3 / Have you ever been blog struck before? If so who? If not who would make you fan girl the most? 4 / What are your top 5 instagram accounts you love? 5 / Do you have any travel plans this year? 6 / What is your blogging genre strength and weakness? 7 / What camera do you shoot your photos with? 8 / What is one thing you've always wanted to achieve as a blogger -but haven't yet? 9 / Who are your favourite Youtube subscriptions? 10 / One piece of life advise you wish you had listened to? 11 / How do you spend your Sunday's?

Rule 6 // Let your nominees know they have been nominated.

Ok here we go...

To think it about it. I still don't really know what the Liebster Award is, but, you know what? I blooming loved writing this post and I hope you like reading and if you are one of my nominees you enjoy writing it too. Maybe you know a little bit more about me as a person now. I also love, love, love the fact that I can find out some amazing blogs in an instance instead of trawling through pages and pages of fizzled out content.

Keep this online paper trail a blazing.

Love Carli x


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