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How about this to kick start the week? I can't believe it was one whole week ago since I had a Monday off all to myself. There is something about having the dreaded 'M' day off that makes me feel like a new woman. I made the most of it mind by heading up to Newcastle to explore some hidden gems and soak up some sun in one of my favourite cities in the UK.

We are ever so lucky to be this close to such a beautiful city just a mere 45 minutes drive away. I really did have the best weekend visiting some places and areas I have never been to that has made me fall back in love with the 'toon' as it is regionally known.

When I head up this way to Newcastle I always tend to head over to Ikea or the Metro Centre in search for things that I think I need in my life but most definately don't. I have never really ventured too far out or visitied the much raved about Jesmond or Ouseburn which are only short bus journeys away.

Jesmond is most definately where it is at guys. You have cool little independents bars, restaurants and holy moles one of the most beautiful places I have ever set foot in, Jesmond Dene House.

Hidden down a little road behind a row of trees is Jesmond Dene House, a Grade II listed building. This place was home to Sir Andrew Noble and has since been a school before being turned into the sweetest boutique hotel stayed in by royalty and a celebrity or two.

Megan Lillie and I were lucky enough to get a private and very informative tour around this Georgian building.

Jesmond Dene House offers everything you could ever need in life, a beautiful garden, a restaurant, a hotel, and even hosts weddings. We were here to sample one of their much raved about champagne afternoon teas and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

We were greeted by the most friendliest of staff and shown to our seats by the restaurant manager. We were told we had the best seats in the house,  right next to window, over looking the most beautiful garden right next to Jesmond Dene. As champagne was served, we soaked in the surroundings of such a beautiful setting for afternoon tea.

The place was full to the brim, with the option of being able to sit where ever you like. You can take a seat in the dining area, the cocktail bar, the sun room or even the patio to soak up some rays.

Afternoon tea was served and we couldn't be anymore excited as it towered over us.

The sandwich selection was right up my street, Roast Salmon, Cucumber + Dill Crème Fraîche, Chicken, Rocket + Pesto Mayonnaise Mature Cheddar, Apple Pickle + Tomato Roast Ham + Piccalilli. They went down a blooming treat with the tea I picked form the menu, Phulrabi Assam.

Now, take a peek at those scones, I dare you! Oh my, fruit, cheese and a plain served with homemade strawberry and raspberry jam, clotted cream and butter. I would have to be rolled out of this place.

The scones were so tasty and light and you really could taste the freshness of them.

After a 5 minute rest break and the adjusting of our waistbands we delved into the array of desserts set before us. I love a good selection of desserts and even managed to bring some home with me, as would you believe, we just didn't manage it all.

Just take a look at this Orange & Milk Chocolate Maccoon. All home made and an absolute delight.

There was also a Chocolate and Vanilla Marshmallow thrown in there for good measure alongside a Lemon Sponge with Cream Cheese Frosting, and just wait for it...

A Rubarb and Vanilla Cheesecake, which have you know included ingredients picked from their very own garden.

The staff were extremely accomadaing and calm, nothing was too much to ask and they made the whole experience to be ever so relaxing which is what afternoon tea should most definately be about.

After tea we decided to walk off some calories off by taking in some of the gardens and hunting down the hotels cat, Riley, who is named after having the life of Riley strutting round Jesmond Dene grounds without a care the world. Lucky little kitty!

All of the breads and scones are baked each day in house and the smells drift throughout the Desmond Dene Hotel. You can even catch the chef's picking herbs and vegetables from the garden. This place is so self suffiencent and I think that is what makes it so special. Who wants to buy herbs in when you can grow them and pick them yourselves?

This is not just any Mid Century building that has been turned into a hotel, oh no, very, very, far from it. The original layout of the house has been kept and restored to its orginal features. Parquet floors, glass archways and huge oak doors are down every corridor. Whilst my favourite part of any kind of house, the kicthen is the beating heart of this place. As a working house for many chefs, maids and valets in the past, Jesmond Dene House does not shy away from this and extrelemy proud to show everyone their heritage. The kitchen is situated on the corridor in the middle of the house, with the door ajar and food and drink being served left right and centre. I love that there is no divide between staff and guests, nothing is hidden away and this really shows what this place is all about.

The passion, love and warmth of this place just oozes from room to room, from there amazing staff to Riley, who the house adopted after he would not leave when they started turning this place into what it is today. He even has his own house right outside next to the reception doors.

With a sister residence in Morpeth called St Mary's Inn, I most certainly have another excuse to venuture up north and see what the boutique pub has to offer.

Thank you Jesmond Dene House for such an amazing afternoon and extremely reasonable for a treat as you can soak in the surroundings too for £35 per person. You truly made last week something special.

You can also chow down on their Cocktail Afternoon Tea for £31.50 or a good old traditional Afternoon Tea for £22.50.

Love Carli x

*I was a lucky guest of Jesmond Dene House for this post but all options are my very own and my love of afternoon tea will be one forever.



  1. Wow babes!! Your photos are absolutely insane!! I loved experiencing this with youuuuuu <3

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks sweets. Had the best time with you and in very much need of some more girly dates when you get back from your holidays x x

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and I love what you write/post, and so I've nominated you for the Leibster Award! The blog post is over on my channel;
    Sorry if you've already been nominated, but I felt like you deserved it :D

    Katie |

    1. Hi Katie, Awwww I am glad you did and thank you so much that really means a lot. Thank you so much, I have just taken a peek at at this and love what it is about. I have not been nominated so thank you. You seen like so lovely. Will be taking a peek at your blog this eve when I get chance to make a brew and has e a biscuit and snuggle my dog. Wild Saturday nights hey!! x x


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