Monday, 23 November 2015


Baby it's cold outside but it's my favourite type of cold. Is that even a thing? Well it sure is now. When it's too cold for just a jumper so you need a coat, but it doesn't need to be fastened up just yet. You can layer up and leave your zipper open and flash at the passers by.

I love knitwear. I never leave the house without a knitted jumper, cardigan, hat, scarf. You name it I most likely have it. There is something so warming and cosy about throwing on a knit that sets you up on a bitter November day.

Plum of London are a ethically sourced, British made, eco-freiendly sustainable knitwear fashion brand. I just love everything about who they are and what they do. I mean this stuff is Alpaca for wools sake.

Plum of London offers a knitted luxury and with this being their first collection you can grab some of their debut action for yourselves.

I was right in my comfort zone with my wolly knits.

Ladened up in the finest Alpaca wool I was ready for the day ahead. Tea pot buying and sticky toffee pudding tasting.

Look at the colour of this Pom Pom Beanie*, isn't it just beautiful? I had to team it up with my orange jumper of course because I am all about this warming shade right now. Winter can be all dark colours and sparkles. I mean, I love sparkles don't get me wrong but sometimes I want a bit of colour injected into my life. 

As an avid knitwear wearer, hoarder or whatever you want to call me, I felt it was time to really go to town on the knits. No one should be experiencing the weather we are having right now. Ergh.

Gotta keep them vocal chords warm too this season so that I can keep singing away to Tay Tay, Busted and Dream. This lightweight Alpaca Cowl* does just the job.

Keeps me nice and warm and looks super super pretty.

I like to buy a winter coat maybe once every 2-3 years. I am not one of those people who needs a couple of coats every year, I'm totally cool with my one. I hate the shopping process too much as it really stresses me out with how much choice their is. However I was really after a camel coat and when I spotted this it was love at first sight. 

I know I look a little Del Boy in this, but's its ok, all I need now is a little yellow three wheeler and I practically the spitting double.

I can just get away with no socks, only just! I have total heart eyes for these little pom pom shoes that I have them in black too. A little on the scuffed side as you can see, they have been worn to death. A fair few miles walked around Tea House HQ in these. They are that comfy that nearly all the girls have them. We look like a little harem of clowns in our little pom pom shoes.

I am totally feeling the patterned trousers and wooly jumper combo this season. It's just even more of an excuse to clash some prints and patterns and look like a crazy pug lady. Which I guess I am a little guilty of.

What are your go items in your winter wardrobes?


// Photos by Thumbelina Lillie \\



  1. Love alpaca, still have a jackety cardy thing i knit about 25 years ago, it is still in good condition , will have to get it out of the draw and give it a good brush, it is so warm.

    1. Me too! I have never owned anything Alpaca before and this is soooo warm! Give it a brush and I will wear it :) x x

  2. Eeek! These photos turned out SO cute! I love the orange, you really work it!!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

    1. I LOVE them!! Thank you soooo much!! The orange is sooo cute - x x x


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