Tuesday, 3 November 2015


When I say tea, you say bee, tea, (bee), tea. (bee).

Oh yes, as you can see below I have literally come back from tea bee heaven.

I am sure you have all heard of Rington's Tea. I sure have. My friend will not stop talking about their tea ever since a little van turned up at her door and she purchased her first ever Rington's Tea order.
Every time she got a delivery a text would drop in my inbox inviting me round for a brew and to share some form of stale doughnut and half a double decker. I have the most thoughtful of friends.

I have only really got to know Rington's and wish I knew a lot more about then sooner. This was the perfect opportunity to get to know it and now I love it. They have so many the flavours and tea hampers I need to munch my way through.

Off I popped to Rington's Tea Merchants HQ, I jumped on a train and I was in Byker before you can even say grove.

I had a good old snoop around their archive room. It is like the best museum ever!

It was time for myself and a few fellow bloggers to take our seats.

There was a festive room all ready for us to take our seats and have a brew to warm our cockles. No matter where you go up north this time of year you just can't get away from wet shoe weather.

We had a little run down of the history of Rington's which I just loved. I felt like I was listening to a fairytale and hooked on every word Jon Malton the company's brand director had to say.

I just love how passionate they are about not only tea but how important the customers are to the business. So important that tea gets delivered every two weeks right to your door so you don't even have to leave the house, like ever, because you only need tea to live on. That's a fact right there.

We were whisked onto the tea lab where we had 15 teas laid out ready for us brewing away. It really is an skilled art all this tea malarky let me tell you. I was in total awe.

Off we slurped and spat and slurped and spat some more.

There was some awesome flavours that I fell in love with. One in particular was the Spiced Chocolate Orange. Delish.

This has to be my most flattering photo ever taken of me.

Ohhh my, can someone tell santa I have been a really good girl this year and to fill my stocking with this loose leaf tea please.

Before we knew it we were done tasting and it was time to fill our faces as the festive party commenced.

Pigs in blankets, chicken lattice, cheese muffins, ginger bread men, pork and that yummy mulled wine when down a blooming treat.

I even got a Christmas present to take hom from under the christmas tree. Can I keep this unopened for another few weeks? Only time will tell.

I had the best time catching up with some old blogger faces and some new. It was amazing to meet the main man behind Rington's, along with Dan & James and the marketing tea-m.

You can visit some of my fellow Rington's tea bees too, Amy, Rachel, Shivani, Fay and my Boro blogger babe Amy Gatenby whose blog you must go and check out.

Let the countdown begin.


* I was a lucky tea bee and guest of Rington's tea for this post. All opinions are 100% my own and you will really want to try out some of their delights.



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