Saturday, 28 November 2015


Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Novemeber!

 Did you all survive Black Friday yesterday? I sure did. There was no way I was hitting the town to try and grab a bargain and end up with a pair of black eyes trying to grab alllll the discounted goods.

What I did decide to do, was have a little trial run of how I want to spend my winter eves in December with some of my favourites,. Baking up some Zac & Lily cookies and sipping on hot chocolate. 

See you Black Fridayers you got it all wrong.

This is the perfect way to spend some of them cold winter nights and even Christmas Eve itself baking up some yummy treats. I mean, Santa needs his milk and cookies and Rudolf needs a munch of a carrot to keep him going.

I grabbed my favourite little elf and got down to business.

Everything is all packed up super sweet with the simplest of instructions. My little 3 year elf got right to work in the workshop.

Christmas Eve Kit contains;

Santa's Cookie Mix.

Easy peasy step by step instructions.

Hot chocolate snowman filled with marshmallows.

Pouch of Reindeer Food to sprinkle around the house on Christmas Eve.

'Colour Me' card to write a letter in to remind the main man himself that you have been very good this year.

Grab yourself a big bowl and give the instructions a once over - All you need to add is 50g of butter and 1 egg. It really is that simple.

In goes the butter.

One egg.

Time to pop in Santa's Cookie Mix - Penny really is a pro at this.

Give it one big mix.

Temptation overtook this little one and the sleeves were rolled up and the hands were in. Giving it all a good squidge around.

It should then all come together to look a little something like this.

This mix makes around 10 cookies. 1 for Santa and 9 for us.

Give them a good flatten down and they are all ready for the oven.

Time to get clean and get preparing that delish hot chocolate thats also comes in the Christmas Eve Kit*.

The hot chocolate is perfectly portioned out already in the form of a snowman. In goes the snowman's chocolate belly into some hot milk and given a big old whisk ready for some sweet little marshmallows.

Ta-Da - A plate full of cookies for Santa at your service.

I was informed that Santa may not need to eat all of the cookies all by himself. So we thought it best for everyone that we would take one for the team and give them a little try for ourselves.

They were a total hit and perfect for a Christmas eve supper don't you think?

I love how you can personalise these kit's too, makes them that little bit more special.

What do you have planned to get you in the Christmas spirit?




  1. Replies
    1. She is the best little elf there is... wait till she is wrapping up all my presents and decoration my tree... and cooking Christmas Dinner... the list is endless x

  2. Replies
    1. They are super cute Heather :) And real tasty too x x


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