Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I love Halloween. I love everything about it! You should see the tea house at this time of year. I may have gone a little over board with pumpkins and decor but hey, it's ok!

Little ghouls hanging from room to room, cobwebs a plenty and light up grave stones. I know, so classy right.  I can't wait to drag these little beauties from the shop to my house and really spook up the lane.

I am not as wild as I used to be in celebrating my favourite holiday as I am knocking on a bit. Ha. I thought I would let others have a chance at winning the Halloween costume competitions as I really do push the boat out. My exorcist was well and truly the best. It took me hours to apply loo roll to my green face which pulled my eyebrows out a few years back. This year will be me, murphy and Megan, eating Chinese food, answering the door to trick or treaters and watching my favourite spooky film, The Craft.

On that subject, have you seen Little Mix's new video, Black Magic? Total aspects of The Craft in there! Either that or am I just still super lame and thats why I don't go out to party anymore?

I have teamed up with independent cocktail bar Alchemy & Co for this post to show you a cocktail that can spook up your eve.

It even contains our loose leaf tea!! Just you wait!!

I want to introduce you to the Trick or Treat-Tea.

What you will need.

25ml Stolichnaya Vodka
25ml Eristoff Berry Vodka
50ml Cranberry Juice
Pinch of smoked wood chips
Pinch of Black Cherry loose leaf tea
Crushed Ice


Cocktail Glass
Smoke Gun
Cocktail Shaker
Conical Flask

Now the method to our madness

Pop a shot of each of the vodkas into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake, shake, shake till it turns murky black.

Decant that into the Conical Flask accompanied with a glass of crushed ice to cool your cocktail down.

Now grab your smoke gun and add the Black Cherry loose leaf tea and smoked wood chips. Pop the rubber nozzle into the flask and away you go. Light the gun until the flask is full of smoke.


Add the potion into the chilled glass. You can leave the ice in if you wish.  As you pour it will really smoke away so be prepared for a real Halloween show stopper of a creepy cocktail.

Add the syringe of Grenadine and there you have it Trick or Treat-Tea

You can find this cocktail along with a few other spookies on the menu in Alchemy & Co, 200 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3RF.

It is the sweetest speakeasy and you must stop by for a cheeky cocky t. Support your independents and really spook up your social life by stopping by, saying hello (or even just giving them a follow on good old Instagram - @alchemyandco) and getting Tasha to mix up you a splendid beverage.

I can't wait to brew this up, sit back, relax and think about the good old spooky days when I was a total embarrassment and thought I could turn ex boyfriends into toads.

Sssshhhhhh the secret code to enter this week is #0704.

Happy Halloween x


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