Thursday, 8 October 2015


I have been slow on the old burger game recently. I do this, I find myself loving a beef patty one minute then find myself not being able to even look at that minced delight, sandwiched between a toasted brioche bun no matter how delish and un- keptchupy the piece de resistance is.

It was time to jump back aboard and go on the burger hunt and take a pit stop at Shake Shack. One of the most popular burger joints in London that I can't believe I haven't actually tried out yet.

I am not too sure why I have been missing this one off my list. It could be that it is right in the heart of Central London and a touristy place to for visitors situated in Covent Garden. It gets so busy that I am just a bit put off by the crowds of burger hungry humans. But we needed food and we needed it right then so when Megan suggested Shake Shack I thought it's best to try this little nipper out.

And you know what, it was blooming delish. Like really really tasty. It could well be up there in my top five.

I have been a little disappointed with some places on the old burger front in London but this was the perfect amount for a quick bite to eat before we headed out for appointments.

We were super lucky to grab a seat straight away, so we parked our behinds down and took a look at the menu. I can get intimidated by burgers. Yes I did just say that. Intimidated by a slab of cow but you know hear me out here, it is my worst nightmare to be all ready to chow on down and for it to be covered in ketchup. Oh my days, my worst nightmare.

So I volunteered to go inside and make our orders so I could fuss away.

We were given a buzzer that would go off when our foodies were ready, so we just stared and stared at it thinking that if our eyes burnt a hole in it, it would go off and our Shake Shack would be ready that little bit faster.

Girls and their burgers hey!

We soaked up the atmosphere while listening to live music and the chatter of excited shoppers.

This balloon instalment called Up, Up and Away by Charles Petillion is 100,000 balls of love floating right above your head. It is soooo cool and an instagrammer's paradise.

I opted for the Shack Burger which was a juicy patty with cheese, Shake Shack sauce, lettuce and a huge tomato. No ketchup in sight. Bonus.

 Well, apart from Miss Lillie pouring the red stuff all over her hotdog in the background. It's ok I can forgive her this once.

Megan went for the Hot Dog which I was super jealous of. You know how my food envy can be. So I shall order both next time. I ain't holding back!

I have seen these crinkle cut fries all over the internets and is what Shake Shack is most notorious for. 
Those fries were super fluffy and tasty.

 We washed it all down with a seasonal Blueberry Lemonade and Strawberry Milkshake, which let me tell you was the best milkshake I ever did taste.  It was the most creamiest thing with such a subtle strawberry hint I could have drank it all day. Even the texture wasn't too much for me and this post has really got my craving one now.

Shake Shack is a must for all you burger lovers. I can't believe I had this way down on my list to try. I really shouldn't have so think it's only fair to come back again and show my love and eat more burgers to make up for it.

Shake Shack is found in Covent Garden in the Market Building so just head straight to Covent Garden tube station and it's 2 minute walk away.

Oh and I dare you to take the stairs.




  1. Your photography is always amazing'!!


    1. Awwww Amy that is soooo sweet!! I shall see you next week at the Rington's event.. I am coming up so can't wait to see you soon x x

  2. Ahh you know I love my ketchup. GONNA POUR IT ALL OVER MY FOOD TOMORROW NIGHT...

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

    (not really cos ketchup on chinese is weird as fuck)

    1. Yes and you would be uninvited and told to get out the bath!! So gross!! Don't ever Ketchup me again!! x


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