Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I am not the most organised person in the world. In fact far from it. But the past few weeks I have been really ahead of myself one minute and then right behind the next, and I am not sure how or if I really like this feeling of being a bit of an organised yo-yo.

I go through spurts of this, thinking I have plenty of time to plan and sort things out and then, bam, before you know it its come and gone.

At the moment this is in relation to Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas. I always need to be a little ahead of the game running my own independent business. Planning is essential.

Being that most unorganised person in the world, I have been getting a few bits here and there for family and friends for santa season so that my outgoings at Christmas don't hit me like soaking wet Whitby kipper. So when Boots invited me along to take a peek at some of their new products from No7 I jumped at the chance to scout out some presents for my loved ones.

It was a great opportunity to meet up with some good old fellow bloggers and get to meet some new faces too.

I was in need of some new make up bits as everything has seemed to run out or be on it's last legs all at the same time. So this was the perfect opportunity to pick the No7 ladies brains.

I decided to try No7's newest foundation Airbrush Away and I am totally obsessed with it.

I had a shot at the Match Made Service No7 offer. I always opt for a colour slightly lighter than what I get matched to as I hate my skin to be too dark, but with these reservations in mind the experts got on matching me up to the perfect shade.

In traditional Boot's manner I had to take a peek at the Christmas 3 for 2 offers they had on.
 No7 have really pushed the boat out this year and have the most glamorous stand which tiers over the Benefit and Soap and Glory gift ideas. And rightly so, No7 have some amazing products gracing the drugstore shelves at the minute.

My eyelashes are super super long and don't really do much with them. I have tried and tested my fair share of mascaras and never really seemed to find the perfect one after Lancome discontinued Virtuose.

These ladies really know their stuff and I bag bagged myself a new mascara that I am dying to try out.

I feel like I have got to know No7 quite well over the past year and feel really passionate about it's products and what they have been trying to do. A rebrand of some older looking products and the introduction of some new beauts just grows my love for this brand. They really do put their customers first.

I mean check out this Shimmer Body Oil.

I can't leave this post without leaving you all with some important information.

No7's advent calendar - 25 Day's of Beauty Wonder is a must this winter. Choosen by Grazia, Cosmopolitan and Look Magazine as one of the best beauty advent calendars this year, you better get in the virtual line and sign up for their VIP release.

This investment calendar - how I like to call them, is an absolute steal at £38 with the goodies solely amounting to £148. You had better make sure you don't miss out.

If you like this post make sure you check out my other No7 posts - No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil Launch and my No7 Haul. Don't be shy and say 'Hi' in the comments and make this Tea Bee's day.



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