Wednesday, 23 September 2015


As a born again beauty lover, what has even happened to my life?

I actually love to wake up with my skin being able to breathe and feeling fresh. I exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise twice a day. Yes I know, it's the way it should have been treated from way back when.

It's time for my skin's second life. Better late than never hey?

You can see my new skin care routine and keep up to date with how that is going over on my instagram @theoldeyoungteahouse - prepare yourself for a naked face. Halloween has most definately come a month early.

Mio sent me this sweet package through the post to go with my face's second life. It is now time for my booty's second life too.

Look at this super cute packaging. I hope to most certainly 'feel great in the buff' - Thanks Mio.

To compliment my new firm body-to-be I thought the Double Buff - Dual Action Enzyme Exfolioator would get rid of all that terrible dry skin that comes with this seasons weather change.

I thought to go with my new firm face it would be good to have a body to match too so the Skin Tight - Tightening Body Serum was the perfect choice.

It wasn't fair to just treat my ugly mug and body and leave my luscious long locks out would it?

As I mentioned above this weather seems to knock seven bells outta me. My hair most definitely takes a hit and needs a good few winter trims to tame down them split ends.

So here is a little present for my mane too.

I have seen Argan Oil popping up everywhere this past year but never been a dare devil until now to try it. It can not only be used on your hair but as a moisturiser for your skin too as it is packed with Vitamin E. Winner winner chicken dinner on the Argan Oil front. Thank you Insta Natural for introducing it to me.

Now to get shopping for my Autumn wardrobe to keep my skin and hair under wraps so it stays feeling a million dollars.

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