Saturday, 26 September 2015


I think I have made it. I think I am now an official hashtag beauty blogger. Ok, well maybe not a fully fledged #bblogger but I am working on it.

My lovely tea lady and fellow blogger Megan - Thumbellia Lillie was invited to the launch of Fleur de Force's beauty launch in London last week and of course I jumped on board.

Now I ain't guna lie, I have never followed Fleur on any social media channels up until a few months ago. Her vlogs just hypnotise me making me want to buy everything she shows in her hauls. You have got to give some credit to today's bloggers and vlogger's and how much effort and time goes into filming on these channels.

So away we go. We popped on the train down to London to the Haymarket Hotel just off Piccadilly to see what Fleur's new beauty range had to offer and to celebrate in style with other bloggers and Youtubers.

It was beyond my expectations, like seriously. I found myself just gawping at everyone. I am ever so sorry for that if you were one of them. Not a good look Carli! I got to meet some lovely people, some of which I have read their blogs for a lonnnngggg time now. We chatted over candy floss and yummy mango cocktails.

The launch was beautfully curated in the spa of the hotel with amazing floating candles in the pool, gold sofas, little mini burgers and goats cheese balls to nibble on everywhere you turned. There was poolside DJ mixing up some tunes, a photo booth and even a blooming candy floss machine. My life was made up.

We got stuck right in posing away in the Fleur de Force photo booth with some new blogger friends who I got to meet in real life and not looking at through on my computer screen. Big up to Faye from Fayefix, Em from My Pale Skin, and Victoria from In The Frow.  Excuse the grainy iPhone photo's below.

I got to mee the lovely Kris from Coppafeel again after a brief meet up in a Clapham Common bus stop 5 years ago, and I got to rub shoulders with Lydia from TOWIE. She really was a treat and such a stunner.

And last but not least the lady of the night Fleur de Force. We thanked her for inviting us and bid our farewells, then it was time to be on our to way to grab pizza and a lifetime supply of chocolate bars from the 24/7.

A huge thank you to Feel Unique for letting me tag along and stare at my internet faves.

I really did have the best time with my partner in crime. We are going to tottle off now and get some more adventures booked.




  1. So happy that you could came with me, you made the experience a hundred times better <3

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

    1. Awwww you! I had jaw ache and bong eyes from staring at people all night.... Had such a great time and love you lonnnnggggg time x

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is so exciting :) yay! I bet you had an amazing time x

    1. Awwww Flo it was AMAZING! Love travelling down to London and was nice to go with Megan and see what it had to offer us.. Stay posted for the Fleur Haul soon x

  3. Looks like this was a fun night! :) Love your dress!

    1. Awww thank you. It is a lovely print but not sure if I am too small for it :) x x


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