Sunday, 16 August 2015


I am soooooooo bad with jumping on the bandwagon (with everrryyyhting) that bandwagon that was once totally full and is now ever so empty - because yes it takes me that blooming long to catch on to what everyone else is doing, listening too, watching, wearing... the list goes on and on. But it's ok, because we all get there in the end - sort of - I know the ending to breaking bad. Sort of got there in the end didn't I?

You will ALL be aware of Graze Box - That little perfectly post boxed size treat full of well, grazing snacks.

My diet is atrocious - well I say it is but it could be worse. I cook from fresh every single day if I am to eat at home or work. I am a little bit of a crazed one when it comes to oven and microwave meals, these are a no no in my house. I like to know how it is prepared and if that little bit of pip was taken out or if that tomato skin will make an appearance in the tin of peeled tomatoes - yes my pet hate is stumbling across a tomato skin. Would you believe I am not a fussy eater really.

I am not a vegetarian but would rather eat something without meat if I haven't prepared it myself.

I go to the gym. I drink little water. I need to drink more. I try not to binge on a evening on snacks and sweets. I fail. I like to think I eat at regular intervals. I have just completed a food diary and realised I do not eat at regular intervals... My life goes on in this cycle of being 'too busy to eat' which means I  leave massive gaps in between meals and then just gorge when I am 'starving'.

I don't have a problem with food. I LOVE food. I have a problem with time.. that is THE problem right there...

Graze Box* fell through my letter box and saved me.

There are over 100 snacks to choose from which is INSANE! I usually find it super hard to choose when shopping but food shopping is a little different. Its a whole new world. Like who doesn't want Graze's Chocolate Teacake for breakfast? Who doesn't want a Thai Tom Yum soup for a light lunch snack? Not me certainly not me. I want it all.

My boxed was picked out for me and really couldn't be more perfect.

Seeds are something I have just started getting into. Either as a little snack or popped over some porridge to really fill my tummy in the mornings.

These Soy Roasted Seeds were total yum! Part of balanced goodness super seeds graze's these guys got me feeling ready for the day, full of protein, vitamins and minerals - all good stuff!

I am a popcorn lover soon when I spotted these I was over the moon.

The new Sweet & Salty Kern Pops at only 138 calories - one of the new creations graze inventions.

Soooo much corn - I even got to pop this myself - Lot's of fun.

Lightly Salted Healthy Popping Corn at only 127 calories. Part of their popping corn graze inventions range.

And to top it off I even got the Light Lemon & Poppyseed slice with a Tea Infusion - My very own guilt free hight tea.

The tea was delish - a yummy type of Earl Grey with Assam and Kenyan leaves with a hint of Bergamot. The best graze dessert and only 80 calories!

The future for Graze Box is super exciting and right up my street - I can't tell you just yet but tea lovers - you will LOVE IT!

Soooo pop over to and grab your first box half price - usually £3.99.

This is the perfect way for me to become a healthier human and not go for hours on end not eating because I am 'too busy'. I love my food too much for that to happen x


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