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You may want to grab a cuppa and a couple of biscuits as this post is full of visual treats!

Last week I was invited up to Edinburgh Napier University with a few fellow bloggers to experience the student life and to see what Edinburgh as a city has to offer.

And guess what guys, it didn't disappoint. Take a peek at what Megan - Thumbelina Lillie, Gianni - The G Edit, Beth - Polished Couture and Amy - Amy Gatenby , and I got up to.

I was a Musician, an Engineer, a Midwife, a Scientist, Vet and a Sports Coach all within three days.

I thought I would put together a few snaps of my trip to show you what we got up to.

I am seriously thinking about cracking out a masters after this, then maybe a pHd. Dr Mac sounds good right?  If not a little like a cartoon network programme circa 2001.

So lets get started...

The Accommodation - We stayed in Bainfield Accommodation which is a mere 10 mins walk away from Edinburgh centre.

The grounds are so bright and spacious I found my new student self settling in nicely.

There is a huge open plan kitchen and living area which was more than enough space for us to build forts and eat pizza in.

All 8 rooms in our flat were ensuite with a good sized bed for me to sprawl out in after a busy busy day exploring.

Day 1 - First stop on our Edinburgh Napier Experience was one of the three campuses called  Merchiston Campus which is home to the School of Arts & Creative Industries and the School of Engineering & the Built Environment.

As a big music lover this trip was off to a great start already. I loved getting to know a little about the history of Edinburgh Napier University - full to the brim of it, it is too.

The music department is out of this world with facilities that only Mozart could ever dream of.

24/7 access to students means you can tinker away well into the night in your sound proofed room without a care in the world. 

The whole department is kitted out with state of the art technology and Apple iMacs. To hire one studio room for the day would set you back £500. The student here really have it good here.

 It was then off to the School of Engineering & the Built Environment which I am not going to lie I do not really know too much about until having a crash course which was super informative.

We popped off back to the School of Arts where we had a little play with green screens and sat in on a management lecture which was just what I needed to sort my busy busy mind.

Day 2 - After a much needed rest we were up and out the door bang on 9.30 to head over to the Craiglockhart Campus which is home to Business School. With a Caramel Cream Frappé in one hand and my camera in the other I was ready to tour this newly refurbished £30 million delight.

This campus was my ultimate fave. Plenty of green surroundings and airy communal reception areas which encourages students to work freely.

Part of this building was a hospital and it still holds some of the original features. We ate dinner in the Chapel and the pews were still in perfect condition.

We had two workshops which were held by PHD students on blogging and gender sterotyping which was ever so interesting. It was great to ask questions and to be in a focus group for their research about what we do.

A great start to the morning if you ask me. What more could you ask for?

A few hours to explore the city? Yes please! You will have to stay posted for the rest of my Edinburgh Napier Experience posts.

Day 3 - Off we popped to the last of Edinburgh Napier University Campuses - Sighthill. This is home to the School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences and the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care.

A huge metallic grand building with impressive facilities to match.

We headed straight down to the ward.

This department is set up like a real life hospital. Everything is where it would be if this were practicing. 

A little note have you know - that if there was any epidemic of any sort this campus can actually hold real patients as every single socket, tap, you name it is functioning. 

How cool is that!

Fantastic Simulators known as 'Sims' can replicate real illnesses and symptoms and are monitored by tutors with camera and microphones. Check out the pregnant sim above that actually gives birth!

I then became a scientist - I didn't see this coming. We all donned our white lab coats and made DNA from a few different fruits such as Banana, Strawberry and Kiwi. It was really interesting and again really hands on which this university really promotes.

We were quickly scooted along to meet the event organiser Rachel's cat Poppy and become vets for an afternoon.

We had a 'bandage the poor puppy competition' to see how good our veterinarian skills were and we were educated about their amazing course.

We popped along to the School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences where we were shown around their amazing facilities which actually train up the Scottish Rugby team. 

We even got to play a few fitness games and try out some equipment.

The tutors that showed us around were extremely informative and passionate about what they have to offer. They really encourage the students to create their own paths and projects and there to offer their guidance and expertsise if need be.

This is what really stood out for me throughout the entire trip. The tutor support is unbelievable and really finds a perfect balance. Edinburgh Napier University should be really proud of what they have to offer because it is truly amazing.

Stay posted  for some more Edinburgh Napier Experience posts soon, showing you this beautiful city and what it has to offer. Of course there will be a foodie post in there somewhere for good measure. I could not do a trip without trying out some yummy Scottish delights.


* I was a lucky guest of Edinburgh Napier University for this trip. All views and opinions are 100% my own - I really did have the best time.



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